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Because I love this place. It's that simple. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't be here.

I love the forums. I love RPing. I love the art. I love the people I meet here (a few of them, literally---married one, have been IRL friends with others both online and off for several years). I tried a few other avatar-based forums and they just aren't as awesome as Gaia.
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Because the events are fun, the items are interesting, and it's fun to make different outfits/characters with my avatar.
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Because this site is fun...well that and the avatars emotion_dowant
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I'm in a Gaia slump at the moment, but what mainly keeps me here are the RIGs, which are way too fun for my own good, and the artists. Other than deviantart I haven't been able to find an online community with artists as great as the ones on Gaia.
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I think a large part of the reason is that it has become a habit. Other than that, then I have some really great friends here that I don't intend on leaving behind, but there are of course other ways to stay in touch than Gaia x]
Of course it helps that there are new items on a regular basis and there's a good community, but a large part really is habit x]
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I've been here far too long to leave it now. I don't have much of a claim for myself in the forums cause I'm more of a lurker but I've been here for nearly 7 years now. I used to rp quite a bit but all my friends I made on here are long gone, I'm the only one left.
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This is my form of entertainment, so until I get truly bored I won't leave. I like the avatar system a lot as well.

The people I meet through zomg are also another reason. c: It's fun just goofing around on there with my friends.
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Avatars, creative inspiration, and friends, and that's pretty much all, and is more than enough. :3
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...because I want to grow old with Gaia. Being a loyal member of this fun community became a usual hobby to me. I usually log on to see updates. (And in my 4th year here, I haven't made good friends here yet, which is awkward. Lol.)
Lol that's impossible for me. I made good friends on Gaia within a week of starting back in 2007. But I lost touch with all of them. So I don't really have friends on here anymore, excluding my friends on here that I know in real life.
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Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Stockholm Syndrome.
What is that?
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Razumi Yazura
I grew up on the site, pretty much. I think it would be kind of weird for me to not be on Gaia.
Me too! I was about 12 or 13 years old when I joined and now I'm 19. My bestfriend tells me I should quit once I have kids so I'm not on here with them. lol I can't really imagine quitting. emotion_eyebrow
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Because I love this spite. Despite it's glitches and some undesirable users, there's a lot to do and enjoy. The games, the forums, dressing up my avi, the events. It's just too much to walk away from. whee
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because of people I've met here and avatar/cosplay reasons~!

Also activity
Gaia is just so darn active
which is why I always keep coming back
as compared to other sites I really like
they just don't hold that forum interest

Also time helps
been here quite a long time
and spent quiet a bit of money too xD
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I'm still a Gaian because I enjoy gaia online, because I have a lot of friends here and because reasons.
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I'm still a Gaian because I enjoy using the website, making cosplays, and meeting new people on here. I also am grateful for the friendships that I have established due to this website.

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