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Magic Mage

Stockholm Syndrome.
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♫♫ Hello my name is Bix and I'm a Gaian.I'm a gaian because it's a terrible addiction to try to beat.It's negatively affected my life by encouraging my avoidance of social situations and depriving me of sleep.
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Big Member

Items!! I need to hoard them all.
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Invisible Rogue

I'm still on Gaia because I love dressing my avatar too much cry No, seriously. I've tried leaving and the most I do is take breaks.
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Kawaii Bunny

Because Gaia is fun! I like dressing up my avatar, and getting more items so that I can make more outfits for my avatar. It's also one of two forums that I am not too shy to post in.
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Corypheus's Husband

Moonlight Elder

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  • Wing Mastery 100
I grew up on the site, pretty much. I think it would be kind of weird for me to not be on Gaia.
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Beloved Lunatic

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  • Super Tipsy 200
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Witty Genius

I like dressing up my little doll, plus it much more enjoyable, some of the forums here are like watching a text based soap opera or a sitcom.
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Apocalyptic Gaian

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  • Cheercrusher 50
I'm still a Gaian because... I got no place else to go... crying
That, and I like the Gaia storyline.
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Questionable Connoisseur

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  • Destroyer of Cuteness 150
  • Ultimate Player 200
Because I still love dressing up my avatar, chatting with my guildies and browsing the forums.
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High-functioning Lunatic

I'm still a Gaian because... uh... I use this site?
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Feline Admirer

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I'm still here because I still piss off people telling me to get off of the "kiddy" site. I love to experiment items and that's how I created my OC. biggrin

I just.. can't.. leave... :<
I've been here from the start, when i'm not on the site sometimes things remind me of Gaia then i'm back here making new avatars and messing about on zOMG again.. I tried to leave, I really did. But I think i've spent too much time and effort on the site to just give it up.

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Militant Pumpkin

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  • Jolly Roger 50
Pretty much what Ridley said: I'm in much too deep to just up and leave.
There was a time when I was always excited what the newest RIG or EI, playing zOMG with my friends and buying art...but that time has waned, mostly due to Gaia's actions. Still I somehow manage to spend money on here and log in several times a day.
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Muscular Bear

...because I want to grow old with Gaia. Being a loyal member of this fun community became a usual hobby to me. I usually log on to see updates. (And in my 4th year here, I haven't made good friends here yet, which is awkward. Lol.)

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