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Effen Color scheme changing, expensive Crap!

Eff em! 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 8 ]
Yeah! D8< 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 4 ]
I know right..! 0.096153846153846 9.6% [ 5 ]
They're alright. 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 12 ]
I like em. 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 8 ]
I effin LUV em! [[GTFO ya rich PriK <3]] 0.28846153846154 28.8% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 52 ]
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It's very annoying.
Users shouldn't have to be afraid to quest or buy anything for fear of it being re-released.
Users shouldn't be afraid of it period.

If you quest for it, you inherently accept the risks of it being re-released for cheaper.

If you can't handle that possibility, don't bother questing.

This, exactly! The only solid thing that Gaia has ever promised about having a lack of re-releases is the MC's.

Though I don't see much point in buying something unless I really want to equip it on my avatar, prices be damned.
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I don't mind recolors so long as I like it. xd Some recolors are prettier than others. For example, I love the Marionettes and Lovely Lucie. I hate Lumiere Noire's red/gold recolor, though.
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Oh man, but recolors are fine? Even if you are questing, usually a recolor ends up making the thing you're questing for cheaper because everyone wants the new thing. xd
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User ImageActually, I kind of like re-colours cat_rolleyes
Because it means that the original can come down in price OR it means I can finally get a version of the item in a colour I actually like cat_3nodding

Regardless, when it comes to rEIs/EIs, I'm not looking for re-colours all that much... It is Gold Shop Items that I really want to see more, and more, re-colours of cat_stare

Of course, I will accept the re-colour of any and all items too, but Gold Shop Items should be top of the list in re-colour priority cat_wink
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I love recolors. It sometimes adds a new spin on an old item. I own a few recolors of items I think. I really hope one day to see recolors of the sci-fighter item and maybe a recolor of Alruna's Rose. (I don't know why I want a recolor of the rose, I just do.)
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I have bought quite a few items from the cash shop for $5 and it be re released in a bundle and selling super super low in the MP.

The thing about re releases is that it makes items cheap,rly cheap and that means users who cant make a lot of gold get chances to buy pretty cool things.

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