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a boy! 0.13768115942029 13.8% [ 38 ]
a girl! 0.48550724637681 48.6% [ 134 ]
neither! 0.1304347826087 13.0% [ 36 ]
obligatory potato option 0.2463768115942 24.6% [ 68 ]
Total Votes:[ 276 ]
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Anxious Builder

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          My avatar's base is that of a male but I hardly let that dictate the gender of the character I'm portraying. I casually flip between feminine and masculine, though I usually end up with an androgynous avi which suits me anyway. I use body mods frequently, mostly those shaped like claws, beaks, hooves, muzzle, etc.
          But gender isn't something I care about IRL, much less on Gaia.
Ramielion's avatar

Doting Humorist

      ✦ lol considerin the crazy a** items we got it's easy to look like anything. i mean, ur base already looks like a girl imo.
      i like using the girl base only cus im used to it but also i am a girl so....i mean why not
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Moonlight Sweetheart

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Gender is pretty irrelevant unless you're not directly talking to the person but about them. I hear Narumi being called male and female all the time, but that doesn't make him any less of a badass dev despite the female base.
I'm a dude irl but my avi has been a girl for ages now. I dunno I just find it a lot more fun to dress up a lady, much like how I generally prefer drawing or painting women.

After a brief absence I must say I am starting to get addicted to these body/arm/leg mods, makes the base arm and legs look awkward and bulky imo.
space rubble's avatar

Tipsy Genius

Yeah, I don't think I'll ever change my avatar's gender.
But that aside, the only thing I am annoyed at is
when I do not recognize the avatar's gender, I also
do not know what I should call him/her. Always has been
a dilemma for me.
daydreamer_girl's avatar

Fluffy Wolf

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How important is your av base's gender to you?
Well, personally I like my avatar's base to match my gender, because I consider my avi to be a bit of a portrayal of myself.

How often do you use body mod items?
Once in a while, I really only have a few body mods. I don't use them very often to be exact.

Again, once in a while. I find it fun to cross-dress and portray a male avi in a female base. I find this base can portray shorter, smaller male frames. So like right now, I'm trying to be a skinny male, even though you can mostly tell I'm using a female base.
I do like to dress girly though, and wear tomboyish stuff. I try not to limit myself on items. Except gorey/seductive items. I can't pull those off in the slightest redface

Is it important to you that your av be the gender that YOU actually are?
Not necessarily. I probably would have been just as happy with the male base had I started going on Gaia with a male avi. I would probably just cling to being a guy base. But I chose female, so I stuck with it.

Does it make you uncomfortable when you find out a user is not the gender you thought they were?
Newp. Well, maybe when I was younger, but nowadays, I like seeing non-conformist avis. I see more feminine males than masculine females though. Why such the disparity gals?
Meguriuta's avatar

Tenacious Sage

How important is your av base's gender to you?
Not too important. I just like having a female base for a wider selection of items. And I liek my avvie to be the same gender as I for some reason.
How often do you use body mod items?
Come to think of it, I rarely use such items.
Cross-dressing? 8D
Yes. I love cross dressing her it's just so much fun using male items >u<
Is it important to you that your av be the gender that YOU actually are?
I guess. I just wouldn't like a male base. Just doesn't feel right.
Does it make you uncomfortable when you find out a user is not the gender you thought they were?
No, not really. It's only a passing awkward moment then I move on. Unless I'm known the person for ages and only recently find out that they are another gender I'd get annoyed since I'd have to change how'd I'd imagine them to look like in RL.
Mokumoku Naito's avatar

Man-Hungry Bear

I feel like gender boundaries were only recently broken due to all these amazing new body mods. I love it. Gender serves so purpose to me and probably never will. The only reason why my base is male is because this is the base I started with and gender swap potions change your hair and eyes when you use them and that is just annoying. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am male in reality. It's the same with other Gaians genders as well, I could care less what a users avatar gender is compared to their actual gender. I just get to the person and their style regardless of what gender they present themselves as.
Mystic Requiem's avatar

Eloquent Fairy

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Strangely enough, I don't like having a female base. I don't like the tits. emotion_donotwant

But I enjoy being fabulous, so I'll just cross dress when I feel like it. But I'll also make macho avis every once in awhile. And I refrain from using too many body mods when in drag. (This b***h don't crossdress, this b***h does drag!)

Anabaena's avatar

Lavish Lunatic

I think there are still some very old items that aren't unisex.. ninja

I'm fine with crossdressing avatars but there is one thing I do care about that is that sometimes people crossdressing on gaia get all annoyed when you get their gender wrong. What's up with that? I'm no telepath, I go by the visual clues I get! So yeah, if you crossdress, you should be prepared for people getting your gender wrong.

Btw: A few months ago I saw a RL crossdressing person for the first time (yes, I lived a sheltered life). This person was seriously crossdressing, so none of the over-the-top stuff, just a guy dressed like a woman. And boy, that man was gorgeous! You could see he was a man (strong jawline and all), but he had some killer legs in that skirt.
I was jealous. wink

But on gaia and IRL I'm very happy with my own gender, so crossdressing has never even crossed my mind.
Sage Feathers's avatar

Angelic Kitten

If I get an idea for an avi, I'm going for it. My avi's base is female... and I didn't equip any body mods except for the face. Usually I do for the added effect.
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Demonic Abomination

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I'm female through and through but I don't like frilly lacy crap. Thus a lot of the time my avi looks a little more masculine due to the items I choose to wear so I am thankful for the female base.

I know a lot of users who will just make avis in general with no preference on gender but I wont lie it really does weird me out when someone who I thought was one gender the whole time I knew them turns out to be the opposite. I had a friend do this to me irl lol turns out she wanted to be a he. Love and support them but doesn't mean I can wrap my head around it.
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I always cross-dress. I have a female base but most of my outfits make it look like it's male. I picked female because when I joined most of the shoes and pants look awkward on the male base.

Gender's not an issue to me. My preference for male stuff doesn't mean I hate my fellow females who dress up in frilly, pink items. It's just preference.
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Interesting Shapeshifter

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This avatar has a female base but represents a roleplay character who is transmasculine genderfluid, so his gender presentation varies a lot, though I don't hide the base as well as a lot of people in this thread do. I still give a little squeal of joy every time someone refers to me with male pronouns/titles/etc when I'm using this account. (I'm genderqueer.)

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