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Good day, GCD! Hoping you guys are all good and having a great week.

So, lets go to what we came here for.

Do you guys have any items that you just can't get enough of and want to wear them all at once? Like let's see for example, an EI or companions, or MC, or dolls, etc. For me, is dolls, I love dolls and sometimes I love to show them off. Not to impress anyone, just because is fun to have them all out, even if I cannot put every doll (Thank goodness for extra poses) out. As you can see by my avi, it mostly dolls, in their normal form and some in extra poses (Not with the clutter SDplus doll avi, but still a chatable topic). It's so fun to see them out and having a colorful avi. I seen some that do it with cats or dogs. It's cute to see all that clutter of animals. Sometimes by other ways, like with an EI or MC, some people dressed their avis with the same set.

Do you guys do it or not?
Do you all like to see it?
Does it annoy you to no end?

Ok. I gave enough. Time to chit chat. Let's go fellow Gaia members!
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I collect weapons. I only wear a couple of them, though.

I pretty much only ever equip the Katana, Kuro's Induction, or Archangel's blade.
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I love my Animated Items, but I try not to use them just because they're there. I prefer a nice thematical avatar using one, sometimes two AI.
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Not to be that person but how can I appreciate all the SDPlus dolls you're wearing when your equip list is hidden? I'm just saiyan emotion_dealwithit
I know people hide their lists to protect "unique outfits/combos/whateva" but a pile of dolls hardly counts for that right?

More on topic: I have a giant doggy collection but I can't take them all out at the same time which is sad. emo
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But they won't equip at the same time.
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Every quest item or donated item I get, when I get them. I try to equip them all at once but it always ends up with one or so not making the cut. I always find myself trying to equip Gogh Reed, Compass of Seidh, and Antique Shop on every avi, if I can...and Padmavati's Lotus, The Nightmare and Forteanagoria as well, now that I think about it . Just those six, I swear. On top of all the quest/donated items of course...

A lot of times when I'm making an avi I systematically go through my favorite items to try and make them work.
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I always carefully lay out my avatars so I never really wear all the items I love together unless they look appropriate. But I often pick out an item I really love that I haven't gotten to use as much as I want to and plan an avi around it. I often get frustrated if I buy a bunch of new items and can't find a way to wear them all. xD Cos I love playing with my new toys. haha
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I collect bird items. Seldom do I equip them; I just like to know that I have them safe in my inventory. sweatdrop But I tried to equip as many as possible at one time - I could only have a small handful before layering became an issue.
Also, I too kinda' like SDPlus dolls.
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I wish after I'm done with my Sailor scout quest that I could wear all the outfit and be like Ultimate Sailor Moon fan.
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I love the blood items and it makes me sad when certain ones unequip others.

Other than that... I seem to be collecting crowns lately~ gaia_crown Usually you can only wear one or two at once.
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Final Fantasy//Kingdom Hearts items.
You have no idea how obsessed I am with them LOL
Even though I can't really get a hold of the Blade of the Knight sky I dream of having it.
And the adorable fantasy kitten star.

The only thing that bothers me about people wearing items all at once is when they are doing it to show off 03's or really rare items.
I know a couple of people are like that in rally. =3 =

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Ugh, I hate that Jinx seems to be the most prominent SDPlus Doll, I mean she pretty much stands in front of all the others. Look at her stupid smug face omg I HATE JINX SO MUCH RAGERAGE
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Right now probably blush. I have Masquerade, Light Spirit, and Astra-III: Sweet Charming Blush that I wear all at once. It isn't all that noticeable in comparison to all your dolls but yeah... I don't really like clutter or stacking a bunch of items so blush is enough. sweatdrop
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I have a lot of armor and dog/puppy items. But most armor we have have color schemes that are difficult to match.
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my cats!!!! :<
¬¬ specially some cat poses in sdplus... they don't fit!!! u,u

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