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♥ ♥
Everything to me was fun back then. Probably because I didn't
post on the forums ever and so I was unaware of anything going on.
I think I enjoy the whole ignorance is bliss kind of thing. sweatdrop

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
"Dat grease."

Not sure if you remember, but I miss that too. xd
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You can still be a noob!
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You can still be a noob!
Just because I can doesn't I want to be. I just wanted to reminisce. emotion_omnomnom
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I joined right before the SIN vs BOO event, so my noob days were the best my introduction to Gaia was Zomg invaded be Nightfrights, Vampires, and Werewolves and two demi gods duking it out.

It was amazing to me how in Zomg the BOO/SIN members got along fairly well (excluding some die hard players) and the whole event was a blast. VH was still going strong, they introduced the limo and I had one of the WORST avatars ever to grace gaia in all of noobdom but I also had no qualms about defending it because to me it was great.

I very quickly got better items and learned to arrange my avatar better, I had a group of people who talked to me and we hung out in VH and Zomged together..now I don't know it feels like the joy that Gaia was is dying in comparison to those times and I feel like well people are just noticing what I saw beginning back in 2011..
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I really miss some of my noob friends. And my noob guilds. What I don't miss is my noob looks.
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Honestly, not one bit. It's hard starting off with no gold, no friends, etc.
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Not at all. My noob days were boring and lonely and I ended up leaving for 2 years before getting back into Gaia.

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