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Feral Faun

Came just in time for the Zurg event and got super hooked <3333

I think the time I remember fondly was when I decided that I no longer needed a dream avatar because being a big burly faun dude with a huge snake after a nice run with Avatar Battle Royale was my drug of choice.

Couldn't be arsed to change the look that much.

Sheer laziness has saved me in millions until I discovered buying art >w>

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Big Bookworm

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Being a noob was awful for me. At the time I had fun (or else I wouldn't be here now.) but looking back at what a** I made of myself... sweatdrop
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Distinct Connoisseur

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I joined back in 05. Hated my peasant clothes and the measly 3g per post. I miss MCs being 5k. I got super pissed when they started to move to the 20k range. I also had the zurg event as my 1st.
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Feral Elder

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2009er here... I remember being dressed in freebies from head to toe xd camp chaos event was a godsend for newbie
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Magical Nerd

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I miss my gold shop sprees and dressing in mostly freebies. And playing pinball for hours to get gold. Thooose were the days.

Edit: I joined in 2008, but didn't really get into it until Spring of 2009
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Shameless Ladykiller

What I miss most of my early days, is the innocence I once had.
Just kidding.
I do, however, miss having ambition: Something to aim for, something to achieve! Now, I'm content with what I have - No shiny new items excite me any longer.

Actually, there's some truth to my first point, though I called it a joke initially. Evolving items: How I loved them, back in the halcyon days of infrequent cash shop updates, interesting stories for evolving items; Before the time evolving items needed hair or eyes to be liked!
I fear I'm now too cynical to enjoy them. I'll always expect mediocrity - And after the case of Pietro, I'll expect them to take
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August Star Of Heaven
2009er here... I remember being dressed in freebies from head to toe xd camp chaos event was a godsend for newbie
I remember that event! that was during the period of time I had no internet access. I went to a family party and just mooched off their internet connection the whole time. 'Twas great.
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Greedy Genius

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Yeah...and now you non-noobs make fun of us noobs~
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Fashionable Gaian

Why is that people still can't the newb/noob definition right? lol
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Dangerous Strawberry

Priscilla Presley
Those were the days. I joined in '06, and I just loved the Christmas event. I'd never seen anything like it. There were so many people on Towns, eager to meet new friends, or the odd few who wanted to cyber o-o and it was just easier to, y'know..have fun.
I also remember when I thought 2,000g was alot hehe. Good stuff.

Edit: And ohhhh man anyone else miss the cinemas?? I actually quite enjoyed them. n_n


OOOOO: Woooah that's awesome. Thanks. emotion_kirakira
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Popular Sex Symbol


I actually kinda do. Not gonna lie, I was looking back at some old messages on my first account and I was begging so many people to give me their Longcat Scarf xD

But I really enjoyed my first year on Gaia as well because my friends (whom I met through an chatroom) told me to make one and everything! And so I did and it was just the best. Rally was super fun back then too <3
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Interesting Explorer

I do and I don't.

Do: I had a lot more friends back the and found it easy to jump into conversation and just have fun.

Don't: Because I often come back from long breaks therefore experience the "new and shiny" feeling many times.
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥
Everything to me was fun back then. Probably because I didn't
post on the forums ever and so I was unaware of anything going on.
I think I enjoy the whole ignorance is bliss kind of thing. sweatdrop

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are

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