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[[I'm not a huge fan of most of the female ones, but i would love more male ones that aren't overly opening their legs.]]
3nodding I feel like there are also a number that just look like you have some kind of hip dysplasia and an awkward crotch thrust to begin with.

[[Lol, that's exactly why i would love a new supply of them. Most of the ones we have now look like the avatar's hip is dislocated, or they're in some weird Elvis pose that just doesn't work. A normal standing pose would look great with a leg mod. No abnormality, no weird dislocation, just a good pair of slimmer legs.
Most of the female ones are way too thin and attempt to look curvy by shrinking them from the hip down. It just doens't look good. I'd love some female normal ones too as long as they didn't try to make some weird pose out of it.
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I honestly don't like them myself either.
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I like'em to a certain extent but then I realized that they are a cop-out from making all new av bases + rework the layering system. The originals are cool, as are the leg mods. Depends on the situation for me, I guess.
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I don't like the vast majority of them, though there's a few I do like. Like the one I have now. It's kind of mod-ish, I guess...
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I feel the same way, I much prefer the original legs. Some mods are okay, but some I just think are hideous. I was in zOMG the other night on my mule, and someone said that her legs were "thick" because I was the only one that didn't seem to have a leg mod. XD

I do think that avatars regular legs look a little, well, fat, but I think our avatars in general are childlike and kind of look at some of it as baby fat in a way.
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Because they are super awesome, obv. talk2hand

I think they do match certain styles and I love that the offer an alternative to the usual chibi look.
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It all depends on how you use them really. Some work, some don't. All I have to say is to each their own.
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I don't like them either, so I just don't buy them. Diversity is a great thing on Gaia, just let it be...
Only a few look good. Generally I prefer more customizable bottoms anyway.
Most of them look awkward, but there are a few really cute ones. I got used to leg mods so now I don't like the original female feet... They look huge. D:
I love leg mods! Especially the one I'm currently wearing.
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I love my leg mods, that's why I use them. A dramatic pose is more attractive, to me. And I like that she looks taller. If Gaia put the Ciel boots in the shops in every color, I'd buy them allllll. heart
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I didn't like them at first but once I tried some leg mods out and managed to get some working outfits, I came to adore them whee

I feel like it just adds an extra piece of spice for my outfits. wink
the female avi default legs look so ... weak.... like she's about to swoon.... leg mods fix that >.>

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