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Slick Southpaw
And I've never been a fan of the default legs anyway.
Couldn't agree more! When it use the MP to find stuff and unequip everything; it's like EGADS WHAT ARE THESE THINGS CALLED TOES AND SAUSAGE LEGS DOING ON ME?! D:<

wink We just screw everything...up.

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i don't like leg mods but maybe i'm bitter because i have resigned myself to never taking off my bunny slippers and therefore have no use for leg mods..

that and the fact that the ones with ridiculous tiny feet kind of creep me out. there's something wrong when your feet are smaller than your hands and roughly the same size as your eyes (depending what eyes you have equipped). ;__; kind of reminds me of the giant eyes style of anime/manga where i can only think "holy crap she could but her whole hand IN her eye". but the other way around.
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Its something different.

Lets use cars as a example with your post;

I dont understand why people are buying the new [insert multiple car brands that you dont like], when the [insert car band you do like] we have all been driving just with differant colors for the past few years is still better.
I, for one, find it strange that I need to go to such lengths just to stand like a gentleman...
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I never used to like them... Then I realized they make avatars fun an different smile I don't like big feet on the avatars so the leg mods are goo for that. I think it's a preference thing.
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Well, I'm not a fan of most leg mods... but a few of them are actually pretty cool.
Our default legs are rather stubby ... a few of the leg mods correct that problem.

Besides, it's fun to take a dancer pose or a braced for action stance once in a while.
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avatar anatomy?

I'm sorry but it's so.. off as it is.
Most leg mods help that.

Or add character if nothing else.
I love leg mods redface . Some are super duper awkward though, like the cherubic gonk
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I'm a faun,
I'm a post-apocalyptic faun,
Suck my (redacted),
I'm a faun.

But really, since I got the faun legs I've barely worn any other bottoms. There are some trousers (moreso pantaloons) that layer quite nicely with them too, though you wouldn't think so.
I colour co-ordinate them to my outfits, too. The relatively recent black sheep release helped with that.

Many of the other ones add an otherwise lacking element of dynamism to poses, too.
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I'm 50/50 on it. Some of the leg mods I like and some of the leg mods I really hate...
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I like leg mods in general because finding shoes for outfits is always the hardest part of an outfit for me. And the normal base shoes and feet for females look so chunky with a lot of outfits. :/ Though talking about avi anatomy, for reals, we're chibi I don't think it's something that big to worry about it.

People have been changing anatomy for ages to make things look more ascetic. There are a lot of Renaissance paintings if you look at carefully on a female form they'll add extra vertebra to make her appear curvier. Strange body mods are nothing new. XD
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I'm not really a fan of ones that take your entire leg/feet but they're occasionally nice. The avatar feet look way too bulky normally, its good to get away from that look imo.
Just like with anything, people want things to be more stylized.
I, personally, do not care for it, but as an art student, I can see why it would be appealing.
Some people simply prefer a more "cutesy" feel to their characters while others just like to go for the ironic "silly" look.
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I find the leg mods look weird. I really don't like most of them. I find most of the time the poses look very awkward with the rest of the body.
The only time I've used one is the couple of times I've cross dressed and that was to hide the male legs.
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In my case, at least, it goes like this:

I like the lean look of the female base, but I cannot stand the cocked-knee cutesy leg pose. I stand with my feet apart and I see no reason my avatar can't without being pigeonholed into using the male base just to get what I want. If any of the mecha armour sets we've been getting would include a mod like the VXS-Alpha legs, I'd use them. As it is, I refuse to touch the leg parts poses because then I get that dainty feet-together kawaisa look.
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