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None of them match the style of the avatar, be it male or female, why do you people like them so much?

I gotta say, the default look, looks right only, and leg mods just look anatomically incorrect, when it comes to the avatar's anatomy... Imagine if they made a neck mod... that would be even more horrible.

Why the hell, do people use those stupid things anyway? What is so great about them?
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because they look fabulous.
some are actually more artistic, and I find normal legs short and stubby-ish
Something different, and sometimes, something cute. x3
I do admit, I'm questing the pink dragoness for it's adorable leg mod!
However there a lot of leg mods out there that just do not look right. At all. emotion_donotwant
I don't see anything with default legs either. It's all a matter of what looks better with your outfit.
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I'm not a fan of the super skinny/pointy leg mods, but I can understand where many females are coming from. The default female avatar legs have always looked oddly positioned and stubby to me, fortunately I like the male defaults lol.
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I think many of the leg mods are cute and far more interesting than the regular legs 8U
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I don't like the female base's stance. It's kind of.. floaty. I like a lot of leg mods because they make it look like your legs are actually doing something.
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          The default legs look kind of chunky in my opinion. If a person likes the default legs that's perfectly fine but those people shouldn't judge anyone who prefers a more slender leg. I like leg mods as long as they don't look all pigeon toed or give you knock knees. I may not use them but I don't mind the ballet poses or the pants with shoes that don't make your crotch look like it's halfway up your body. They can give guys a more feminine look to the avatar without actually spending the gold for a gender change. I do think that's why a lot of people like using them.

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The normal legs look too static to me. I like body mods of all sorts, because having the same pose gets boring after a while. I could also give a crap about being anatomically correct. emotion_dealwithit
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+++++ 𝒱 ⅇ 𝑥 _ 𝒮 𝒶 𝓎 𝓈 : +++++

✧ ✧ ✧+++++I'm picky with my leg mods, but I do love the Ringmaster pants. I like the Yakisoba pants for the style of the pants themselves, and I love the Shadowlegend legs because of the sitting pose.

But aside from that I'm generally not one to go for leg mods.

Character and art belong to me. ✖ ✖ ✖
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avatar anatomy?

I'm sorry but it's so.. off as it is.
Most leg mods help that.

Or add character if nothing else.
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Because they make my avatar look fierce!
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I dislike most of them, except for one I use. These purple ones, I forget the name. Anyhow, you're right about most of them not matching the bases but if they're balanced right with other items you can mask the awkwardness and make 'em look okay.

Most of the time though you wind up looking like Popeye, with tiny feet and giant club arms. Well at least most males do. I dislike arm/torso mods more because most of them really limit what you can do with your avatar. Guess leg mods do too, you are basically stuck with whatever the artist gives you.
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It annoys me that they have become so popular because they often skimp on the pants and shoes in place of them. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a problem. They are far more limiting since you can't layer other leg accessories with them and they are often so small that my clutter whore avi's look like they are going to topple over
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Why do you people like them so much?

Thats like asking why Barbie has been, is still, and continues to be popular, despite the obvious anatomical impossibility of her proportions cat_rolleyes
People, Gaians especially, are not concerned with what is correct, anatomically speaking, as much as they're going for a look; As with (certain) Anime, anatomical correctness is a non-concern, for the most part, of Gaians cat_3nodding

BTW, I'm not a fan of leg mods cat_wink

Why the hell, do people use those stupid things anyway?

You seem a bit more upset about this than concerned/curious... Might I ask why leg mods bother you so much, at least, if others use them? I'm just curious is all.. cat_3nodding
As I said before, its a look thing, nothing more cat_rolleyes

What is so great about them?

Greatness is, like beauty and love, in the eye of the beholder... Who clearly needs glasses in most cases, but... That aside... I personally do not find them great... I mean, I do like a few leg mods, like the faun legs, but the dainty, pointy ones don't do much for me cat_rolleyes
Especially those legs from the Shadowlegend cat_xp
I really, really don't care for the blind master's pants leg mod, because I think they're ridiculous and, well, make me feel like my avi will end up being top heavy cat_lol
... If others enjoy them, think they're great, I'm cool with that too cat_3nodding
Seriously, for example, just as I think the Zodiacal is highly-inaccurate-overpriced-piece-of-shite, others think its the greatest thing since sliced bread... So... My point being... Just because you dislike something, doesn't mean people don't have the right to enjoy them cat_wink

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