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Did he really just killsteal

Yes 0.21848739495798 21.8% [ 26 ]
No 0.17647058823529 17.6% [ 21 ]
Your mum killsteals 0.60504201680672 60.5% [ 72 ]
Total Votes:[ 119 ]
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nah .. i like being original
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Manly Cub

nah .. i like being original

Interestingly enough your avatars can be quite a point of inspiration gonk
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There's only been a couple users that I've felt this way about, to be honest. I'm dating one of them, and the other user. . . Ugh. I envy them to death.

I never tried to copy another user, but I did try to emulate their style a little bit. . but sucked so horribly. e_e And really, I felt like such a hypocrite for trying to mirror their style a bit. Sure, Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but frankly I find it annoying yet I tried to imitate them a slight bit. Ugh. So, that's when I said, "Enough. I give up." And just went back to doing me.
But honestly, if I had the riches and the style like these users have. . . s**t, son, I'd be set. I'd be happy. But at the same time, would I really?
So, right now I'm just happy doing my own thing and evolving my style. It's ok to envy another user once in a while, and it's ok to privately emulate their style once in a while, I think. Just don't straight up mimic them! Some people go too far with that sometimes!
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I do a love of envy..ing. Is that a word? I think that's a word. Maybe. Hmm.

Mostly because people have faces. And the combinations people come up with to show expression and such character on the face where, just a year or two ago, was impossible....it almost makes me want a face.


Don't think anybody has tried being me though, or the other way around. I've stuck to PQ for years and I don't even think I'd be able to do anything else at this point.

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