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Did he really just killsteal

Yes 0.21848739495798 21.8% [ 26 ]
No 0.17647058823529 17.6% [ 21 ]
Your mum killsteals 0.60504201680672 60.5% [ 72 ]
Total Votes:[ 119 ]
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Rainbow Tycoon

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I wanna be a better version of me!
Like me but great at everything I want to be!

I do admire other peoples talent but I think I admire them not because they are themselves but what they make. Unless it's their actual personality and then I just wanna be buddy's with them because I think we would get along.

If I just admire them for the things they make or the talents they have it's not like I want to be them but I just want to be as talented.
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Anxious Gaian

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Do we have to stick both of you in a corner for a time out?
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Magical Girl

        User Image
              i remember a few years ago i used to admire a handful of specific users avatars because of how well put together they were ;v;/
              i never right off the bat copied though, just tried to use a few item combinations but i never succeeded... the original was always better!
              there are still some users i look up to for their avatar making now *u* heart
              but i've never wanted to full-out copy someone~

              i'd say copying to the very last detail is... well, kinda weird. it's a little creepy too.
              some people might see it as flattery but it's kinda strange ;;; especially if you put a lot of effort into making it.
              if you mean copying how they act personally as well, then that's just too far. x_x;
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I saw an air pirate last night when the same theme and color scheme as me. He didn't copy me, I didn't copy him, we both just have really good taste.
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If I'm going to be copying anyone, it would be a pose from an item, and the using it for my own imagination. I think it's kinda rude when someone refuses to share what an item is. It's not like they filed copyright or something. talk2hand
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I heard if I needed to get a basketball sucked through a straw I should come here...?
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Magic Mage

Wow, like a dozen posts got deleted off this thread since the last time I checked it. biggrin Good, I'm sure that'll make the internet forget.
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Typically I will see an avatar I like and merely draw inspiration from them. It's fine to admire and emulate, but I don't think it's right to copy someone outright.
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Manly Cub

Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Wow, like a dozen posts got deleted off this thread since the last time I checked it. biggrin Good, I'm sure that'll make the internet forget.

It's weird because I didn't intend for this thread to be so long nor start drama but then it did?

Funny to see Ridley copies around tho

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