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Padmavati's Lotus. emotion_puke

//I never use it anymore. Ever.

Can I have it?

- - - - -

But seriously, for me it's the Wingding Shirt and the Traveller items (except sometimes I find use for the accessories). The contrast and the shading line up really weird compared to some of the other items, and the Wingding's added curves cause clipping problems.
Skull biker helmet xd lol I used to wear it all the time back in 05...
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With me, it was the older MCs. I used to use them all the time, especially the horns and DT.

Don't get me wrong, I still love them, but I hardly wear mine anymore. I feel like it's a bit of a waste. lol

I have a lot of items that I only used for a couple of looks - like, for example, the Yama no Tamago (which I haven't used in ages) or the Coocoon. So, for me, that happens a fair bit. lol

Sometimes, I end up revisiting a couple of things. I've had this fedora for YEARS, but it's only now that I've had a chance to use it.
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the one that turns into a blanket ghost. It's purple and stuff XD. I forgot what it's called.
Wind security blanket.

It's an MC. Several years old.
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Chyaku Norisu, Dark Halo, Danklets... I never took them off way back then, but now.... sweatdrop

Problem is I'm a sentimental old packrat, and online is the only place I feel I can be a packrat. (In real life, I've worked veeeery hard not to be, since my grandmom's house was like something you'd see on Hoarders.)
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The Original Cat Ears and Tail from the floating trunk/gift box. Actually... most of those items.
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Angelic Camisole and Dark Halo.
Back in the day, I thought Angelic Camisole was the best thing ever. lol
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Fausto's bottle. I had lot of good avies/combos with it but know I see it and I just can't think of anything. Is that moment when I realize that it was just a giant bottle....
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Jet...bought it for the eyes before realizing there were only so many avs with that color scheme I could make. Or, maybe I'm just pissed that I'm at a loss of 12 mil on that item as of now...idk ._.
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Buck teeth!
User ImageUser Image
I thought it was cute/nerdy.
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Nitemare bustier...my first quest. (I think it was around 6k back then? lolol it was expensive at the time!) I sold it shortly afterward, though...that infatuation wore off quickly.
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Ok, got a legit answer this time.

the complex #000000 leather jacket.

that thing is BITCHIN' for Squall cosplayers and fans.

But it had little use otherwise...the layering was just...odd.
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I feel a bit funny 'cause a lot of items that people are posting that they never use anymore... I still like them :'3 (I still use Alruna, Lotus, and Death Whisper from time to time... was using Death Whisper before I changed for my Easter outfit, lol)

But items I never use anymore, but thought they were so cool back in the day:
Cookie Boots, Pixie, Cloud, Katana, Coco Kitty Plushie, Danklets, Wild Things, G-Blade....

and the list goes on and on. ><
Alruna's Rose. It just didn't suit my outfit because the items I placed it with were much more detailed. In order to keep things consistent I had to exclude the Rose.. so since it was obsolete I eventually sold it. It was such a good item before, IMO, when all we had were quite plain items. Them heels!
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Steel Plated Headband it's ugly, I'm glad I sold it and brought a lot of other nice items and still have gold to spare.

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