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I'm more alarmed at the fact that they want to confine the supposed "lore" of Gaia strictly towards the major events. While I can see the appeal of it, everyone usually stops caring when it takes nearly 6 months for a plot point to become relevant again. I know I'm starting to wane interest due to the lack of real visible...I don't want to use the word effort since it's the wrong word, but it feels like they care more about items than the setting. Which isn't bad, I mean, it's a business and Gaia's entire point of existence can now be thanked due to the items. However, there's a point where the setting is becoming so uninteresting due to the massive info droughts that I'm beginning to seriously wonder the point of it at all.

          Years back the events had a connection to the overall plot on the site. The events advanced the plot and the plot worked to build up to the events. After 2007 that stopped and events were disconnected from the plot nothing felt connected to the plot anymore and what people thought of as canon was tossed aside and not counted as part of the canon Gaian world. The last few years Gaia's been trying to get the plot and events to be relevant to each other again. The only problem is they wait way too long between major updates to the plot on the site. They left us with a huge cliffhanger in order to focus on the Easter Bunny. We haven't had a thing about what's going on with Gino since December. They really need to better space out the plot again because there's so much that can be done with it that they're not doing. I just hate that it seems like they want to wait until nearly September to give us something with Gino again so they can conclude the Nyx stuff for Halloween.

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I would be very appreciative if the Staff worked on a way to explore the other parts of Gaia. Hell, rework the zOMG! (or Towns 2 Code when it's finished) code to make that happen. Make exploring the World of Gaia and interactive experience users can enjoy.

There is a rich history of this site, and its many places, but continually gets put on the back burner for quick eye candy (items). Combine the two: an REI/RIG/whatever with the theme of Gaia. I know there are users would not only enjoy the story aspects on it, but also the users who enjoy the items. Granted, it couldn't be just a stand about venture. It would have to be broken up into small segments for it to fully be fleshed out and made an enjoyable experience for everyone... hopefully. Haha.

Gaia can work on fleshing out Halloween Town and Dref Dur together, and throw them both into the mix. Both of those places seem to be pretty big hits with the users.

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