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Do you ever visit Lex at Gold Mountain?

Pollwhore! 0.08256880733945 8.3% [ 18 ]
Nope, never! 0.13302752293578 13.3% [ 29 ]
I buy tokens from him sometimes. 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 36 ]
I visit him just to talk to him without buying anything! 0.3394495412844 33.9% [ 74 ]
No, but I should... 0.19266055045872 19.3% [ 42 ]
Pollwhore Redux! 0.087155963302752 8.7% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]
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Lazarus Larkin's avatar


You have to figure out a sneaky way of taking a picture of him! I want to see the real-life Lex o.O

I knew a guy with red eyes once. He had red hair too... sorta looked like Rubeus from Sailor Moon XD
Haha I love lex fanthreads.

Question: Do you all consider lex gay?

I don't care what sexuality any character is, just as long as they are written well.

Though, I do admit, I like the idea of Lex being an Edmund fangirl. ;D
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


He's not a girl! ^_^*

In fact, part of why I'd like to see him gay is because he isn't particularly feminine. Not that feminine gay guys aren't fine too, but sometimes it's nice and refreshing to see some that aren't in fiction.
I don't think any of the gay characters I write are feminine (minus that one cross-dresser who is femme on purpose). I think the most feminine male character I have is a straight guy. Even the flaming ones aren't feminine, just, err, gay. sweatdrop
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


Heh, yeah... there's kind of a difference. Flamy guys can be annoying though, heh. (I think part of why they often bug me is because a lot of times their flaminess feels like an act they put on rather than who they really are, if that makes sense.)
I don't know, I think it's no more an act that ditzy high school girls.
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Well, I think they sometimes put on an act too. Not necessarily consciously.
You need more fan art here.
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Well, I'd have it if more people would draw some! *nudge nudge*

But that's why I want to have a contest (eventually), too... hopefully we can get a lot more if people actually feel an incentive to draw it, haha. I'm well over halfway to my labcoat, and I can start gathering contest prizes after that.
I can draw some when we get back. Need to practice.
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Yeah, I should practice too. All I can draw is chibi heads... which are fun, but... ^_^*
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


So who's excited about the "big plot update" we're supposed to be getting with the Summer Festival?

(And who's hoping we'll get to see some male NPCs in swimsuits?)
You know I'm excited about NPCs in swimsuits. 3nodding
Uncle Haijin's avatar

Rainbow Trafficker

Oboy, Haijin does so hope we get to see Lex in his bathing gear. Maybe he wears a Speedo! With aces on it or something! Hee, Haijin wants! heart

But she doesn't want to see Johnny K in similiar attire, ew. DO NOT WANT. gonk
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


I would not mind seeing Johnny K. in a swimsuit, but I also have questionable tastes XD

I can totally see Lex wearing a red Speedo-type bottom with an ace of spades on the a**. It would be awesome.

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