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Do you ever visit Lex at Gold Mountain?

Pollwhore! 0.08256880733945 8.3% [ 18 ]
Nope, never! 0.13302752293578 13.3% [ 29 ]
I buy tokens from him sometimes. 0.1651376146789 16.5% [ 36 ]
I visit him just to talk to him without buying anything! 0.3394495412844 33.9% [ 74 ]
No, but I should... 0.19266055045872 19.3% [ 42 ]
Pollwhore Redux! 0.087155963302752 8.7% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 218 ]
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A HUGE thanks to Stellar Phoenix for the new banner. It's so pretty!

Welcome to "I Can Quit Any Time: A Lex Fanthread"! This thread was created because the original Lex fanthread, Superfly!, has gotten pretty inactive. Thanks to Baneful for creating a Lex thread and giving me permission to make a new one = ) Not sure who Lex is? See the second post!

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Follow the ToS! This should be common sense anyway. = )
2. Please try to stay on topic! You don't have to talk only about Lex -- he's the focus of the thread, but comments and theories concerning other NPCs and the Gaia plotline in general, especially the Gold Mountain employees, are also welcome.
3. No bashing! If you hate other NPCs, you're welcome to say so and explain why, but please don't let it get out of hand. You don't have to hate anyone else just because you love Lex, after all!
4. Please don't present theories as fact! If a user asks a question about the plot and you respond with your personal theory, PLEASE make it clear that it's just a THEORY. My biggest GCD pet peeve is when users pass their theories off as gospel truth.
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Lex Facts:
Lex is an employee of the Gold Mountain casino. Very little is actually known about him; he's been in only a single plot manga and a handful of mini-comics (and it's hard to be sure how seriously to take the mini-comics anyway). Here are the few concrete Lex facts:

1. He is employed by Johnny K. Gambino and works at Gold Mountain, apparently as a greeter. (He may also be in charge of selling you tokens, but it isn't quite clear. He does stand right next to the token counter, though.)
2. He has blond hair and red eyes.
3. On Tuesdays he works as an Elvis impersonator.

Anything else is pure speculation, really.

Lex Speculation:
There has been much made around the GCD about Lex's sexuality. Personally, while I would love to see him "out", so to speak, I feel that there's currently no evidence either way about him. So for now at least, feel free to imagine him swinging whichever way you'd rather have him. = )

Lex Quotes:
These are things Lex may say when you go to Gold Mountain and click on him. If you see him say something that isn't on this list, let me know!

"I might be addicted to gambling but seriously, I can quit any time!"

"Ooooh yeah, superfly!"

"You shouldn't play too long, your luck will run out."

"Where is that dang Edmund?!"

"I don't know where Gambino is, I just work here o_O."

"I do Elvis on Tuesdays."

""There's tons of security cameras so don't even try." (thanks Lanzurz!)

Lex in Official Gaia Art:
Casino Storefront
Mini Comic: Gold Mountain After Hours
Mini Comic: The Beard Contest
Mini Comic: FanservICE

Hooray, Lex is finally in the actual manga... briefly!
Dark Alliance, the Gambino portion of the 2008 Olympics event manga... I think we can infer from this that Lex lives AND works in Isle de Gambino. And that yellow is not his color.

The LexBox is a Random Item Generator (RIG) released in September 2009.

The main LexBox banner!
The setup mini-comic!

The levels all feature Lex in a dreamworld inspired by various video games. Thanks to Yui_Hime for screencapping them!

Stage 1-A: Lex is playing an FPS!
Stage 1-B: Lex is playing an RPG!
Stage 1-C: Lex is catching a Mewpit!
Stage 1-D: Lex is starting a fight!
Stage 2-A: Lex is defending his brains!
Stage 2-B: Lex is preparing a tasty meal!
Stage 2-C: Lex is golfing incorrectly!
Stage 2-D: Lex is bad at number puzzles!
Stage 3-A: Lex is performing surgery![/url
Stage 3-B: Lex is building relationships!
Stage 3-C: Lex is tripping out!
Stage 3-D: Lex is breaking the fourth wall!

Game Over: Aw, unfortunately Lex is revived before you could complete the challenge. Well, at least you still get an item!
Victory: You've won! The spirit of Lex's beloved idol appears to lead him back to consciousness...

SDPlus # 018: Lex

Lex Fanart:
Lex and "Trixie", the fan name for the androgynous character who first appeared in the St. Pat's banner, by The Pie
Lex and "Travis/Trixie" comic, by The Pie
Lex and Russell Ace, by The Pie
Edmund stumbles across the scenario in the fanservICE comic, by Lucca Ashtear

Lex Fanfiction:
Though some of my Lex stories are, um, not TOS-compliant, the ones that are have been posted on my journal. Don't ask why I like the Edmund/Lex pairing so much... I realize it makes no sense!
Prom 2008

Short but sweet untitled LexBox-centric ficlet by YuiHime
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Art Contest!

The official Art Contest Thread, run jointly by Mika-san of the Russell Ace fan thread, can be found here.

The winners have been decided!

First place winner: Rabbit Fur Coat! The coloring, his expression, and the fact that it showcases his sexy chest won me over.

Runner up: SerenAur! This winter-costume picture, with its soft colors, is completely adorable.

Enjoy your prizes and congratulations!

Thanks to everyone else who submitted entries!
Noblesse Bravado

Also, Reapersun was awesome enough to draw me art, though she says it was "just for fun" and doesn't want to be judged. It sure is nice though! O.O
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Fanfic contest...?

I attempted having a fanfic contest but, largely due to me just not promoting it enough, I didn't get any entries. (Trying to have it at Christmastime, when people tend to be really busy, probably didn't help!)

I think I'm going to attempt to do another in the spring/summer, though. So if you're interested, start brainstorming now -- it can't hurt to have some ideas on standby!
Lex is my favorite NPC from Gold Mountain casino. smile He is also one of my favorite NPCs to slash pairing with, well besides from Louie and Zhivago. ninja
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= D Welcome! I'm currently working on making a banner. It's kind of a pain because there's so little lex art to work with, heh.
Thanks. mrgreen I know what you mean about the Lex work, I really hope if he doesn't join the storyline soon that they would at least put more comics with Lex in. I love the one where he dress up as Elvis. blaugh I wonder will he dress up like that for Halloween. surprised
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I don't think he's ever put on a Halloween costume. At least, I don't remember seeing one. Which is a shame, heh.
Make your thread title more noticable! XD It's hard to make out from the rest of the threads. T___T

Meanwhile, I'll attempt to make some fanart/banner(s) for you, if I ever get un-lazy. I love Lex. ;D
It really is and I hope they do put him in a Halloween costume this year. Maybe it will give us a idea what team he really plays for if not both. ninja

I hope they give out more info on him and other NPCs. blaugh Cause I wonder if Lex could really be related to the former banner boy who was name Travis/Trixi by his fans. If they're not then I wouldnt mind seeing them play some cards, maybe strip poker. lol ninja

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The Pie
Make your thread title more noticable! XD It's hard to make out from the rest of the threads. T___T

Meanwhile, I'll attempt to make some fanart/banner(s) for you, if I ever get un-lazy. I love Lex. ;D

How do you suggest I do that? O.o I don't think there's such thing as a noticable title, personally ^_^*
I... Have no idea. XD The GST has has those square brackets around it though. XD Uhnmm haha.

MEANWHILE, hey! I realized I drew some Lex-related doodles in the Travis/Trixi fanthread lol.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I think I may redo the last one to include Edmund, hurhurhur.
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I had no idea Shamrock Boy Who Apparently Was A Girl All Along had fans o.O
Oh yes, he has a good number of fans and a fanthread. 3nodding A lot of them think he might be Lex's little brother or some kind of relative. There is even someone how has a avi that is cosplaying as him. blaugh Now if only I could find someone dress up as Lex. whee
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Lex is REALLY easy to cosplay. If I made my avatar light-skinned, brownish/red-eyed, and blond, he'd look a lot like him right now. = )

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