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I disabled the item sparkle some time ago. It's not that it really bothered me much, it just seemed unnecessary. Promote my Post looks kind of...tacky?
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Liberal Scrooge

I'm all for sparkles, but the actual chunk of sparkles looks like it's fitting pretty clunkily tackily (the Fire Dragon finds words for me) over the thread titles. Maybe it's just me, and/or maybe it's being adjusted eventually. Regardless, I think we should all consider appreciating the sparkles a tad more. I see no reason for animosity to something so akin to our friendly neighbourhood stars.

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i actually like it emotion_awesome
al those sparkles and blinks yeah sparkle more biggrin emotion_dowant
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I didn't like the sparkle or animated items because it makes my computer lag, so I've hidden the sparkle and the animated items.
I don't mind the PMP (which I keep writing as PIMP gonk ) feature cause it's not causing any lag and looks kind of pretty (well the blue one anyway).
Kind of considering using it, for my art request thread, if they make it so it can be used on pre-existing topics.
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I didn't give two shits about item sparkles and I give even less for this promoting crap. I barely go into the forums as it is.

I mean, I get why people complain, but I also can't help but wonder how some of them can let little things like a little picture or animation get their goat so easily. Those with crap connections I can understand when it comes to the sparkle hate, but after a while, doesn't it get tiring to complain about ever--wait, I'm a SF regular, I should know the answer to that already.

People will complain about anything and everything that annoys them. It's that simple.
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I feel like I am one of the only ones that aren't bothered by the PMP posts. I actually really like the blue version the 'official' posts get. The yellow/gold one is a bit on the silly side, but it doesn't bother me. I turned off the item sparkles a long time ago ONLY because they lagged a lot, I also have animates turned off for the same reason.
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PMP kind of reminds me of those tacky, flashy myspace blingee pictures from way back in the day.
Actually, I can tolerate the blue sparkle posts. I think a forum full of them will be pretty. cuz then they'd match.

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