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Poor to me 100-800K
Well to do: 1 mil - 3 mil
Better off: 5 mil-10 mil
Rich: 11 mil and up

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Under 50k would be dirty poor
50 to 100k would be poor
100k to 500k seems to be normal (?)
And 500k or above is rich.

My life is a simple one xD
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I think I once had about 25k back when I was a regular user before 2008, and I was ecstatic. Right now I'm in my "upper range" by having 15k. My account usually stays in the 0-5k range, because I love the cheap crap in the stores.

But I rarely visit. I'm surprised at how fast gold builds up here now. I've earned 2k, and I've only been posting in the forums for an hour!
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Srintella Tiagara
Right now I am hovering over 30 billion.

However, that's an insain amount of gold for any user to have..
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        That's crazy ridiculous.
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For me it would be (total worth);
'Rich' = >100 mil
'Average' = >10 mil <100 mil
'Poor' = <10 mil

God, I feel horribly elitist now. xd
'Let them eat cake!'
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Playing zOMG! is a really fun way to make a lot of god. I suggest playing it. biggrin

Oh and btw I currently have 75k, but I don't even know how much my items are worth. My hair is worth around 250k.
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My account worth is almost 90mil and I have 62mil in my pocket. I consider myself average. I can afford some nice stuff. But I'm still limited. 62mil isn't really that much.
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Srintella Tiagara
Srintella Tiagara

Right now I am hovering over 30 billion.

However, that's an insain amount of gold for any user to have..

What !? Dang.
You could buy an a halo with pure !
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Interesting to see how every Gaian applies what is rich, poor or average differently.

For me 100k or below is poor , 100+ to 800k is Lower Middle Class, the largest gap is 1mil to 10mill Middle Class, 10+ Upper Middle class, and 25mil + is Rich oh and 50mil+ Bill Gates Rich.

Though I base this off exchangers also its different for those with disposable income to use on Gaia.
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I have 1,000 gold right now!

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Like many people have said, gold is so much easier to come by what with BG, HOC, and zOMG and especially if you spend irl cash. Rich is subjective but my personal view of Gaia wealth going by account worth is: 0 < impoverished < 100k < poor < 1m < low-middle < 10m < middle < 50m < well-off < 150m < rich < 999m < If you have b-b-billions that's filthy stinking rich.
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It's hard to say what is normal these days. I used to figure if you could afford to buy MCs every month, you were doing pretty good. But, that was in a time when MCs were the only big-ticket items.

When the cash shop opened, I felt I was doing well if I could have one or two of the latest EIs. But, there's so much other stuff now. Maybe today I would base things on how many RIGs I could buy per month, but I never play RIGs, so I don't know.

All-in-all, it doesn't really matter how much you have in comparison with everyone else. What matters (as far as virtual finances go) is whether you can afford whatever it is that pleases you. That could be anything. It's not necessarily the most expensive items.
I have a little over 1k. I never have a lot of gold. I don't have the time to make it, being that I am a parent of a small child. My resources, like time and money, go to him first. I have spare money for maybe $10 in GC every other month.

I wish I could just afford the things I want, but I don't bother getting butt frustrated over it. It has made me less ambitious about getting things I want, so I donate to other people more often.
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My account worth is 2,446,554. I actually didn't know that ;3
But I don't even consider myself rich.
It really just depends.. Idk >.<
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Lady Denna
For me it is:

Filthy rich: Anything over 100.000.000
Rich: 50.000.000 - 100.000.000
Upper Middle class: 10.000.000 - 50.000.000
Middle Class: 1.000.000 - 10.000.000
Anything under that is poor

It used to be special when you hit 1mil. But that is so easy nowadays.
ya i agree, especially with the "It used to be special when you hit 1mil" i remember when the first RIG came out and hitting 1mil with that was the jackpot.

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