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I'm new here, so I'm still trying to figure out how much the money here's really worth. I'm not sure if I'm making a good amount or if I'm really poor, so could you give me a hint as to what's a good amount of money to have? What's poor, what's rich?

Thank you!
What I'd suggest is to build up your 'dream' avatar first, so you'll have a target amount.
Don't worry about being poor or rich if you can get the items you desire...unless you plan to play the market, I no longer know what the initial gold amount ought to be to start buying/selling in the exchange nowadays. gonk
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It's hard to define what you would consider poor or rich here. Just because someone has a flashy avatar doesn't necessarily mean they have millions of gold. A lot of times they have less than 100k.

I would say a good place for you to start would be 20k. You should be able to buy a nice outfit for your avatar from the gold shops. If you want to buy from the marketplace, I'd suggest 40 - 60k.
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I would say 200k and up, and you're pretty rich,
you can get a lot of item from the market place and still have gold to spare.
It's also a good point to reach to start vending items about 20k-100k.
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play lots of booty grab in the aquarium forum, as an aside, if you want more money.

playing games for tickets and selling the tickets can be profitable too.
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There was one point in time when 1 mil = rich.
We have so much variety on Gaia now that you can make a decent avatar with 100k-200k.
So, the definition of "rich" is really sort of not as obvious as it used to be say 5 years ago.
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Definitions of rich and poor really vary. The GCD has a lot of very rich users so I don't know if it's best to come here to look for averages. You also have people like me who managed to get lucky a few times and have more gold than they normally would. cat_rofl

On that note... You can still make some great avatars with even a little bit of gold. The gold shops are a great place to start for base clothing items like shirts, pants, jewelry, and some other accessories. Thanks to the Random Item Generators, there are a lot of low cost cash items so you can get not only clothing items and accessories, but backgrounds, pets, and handheld items like weapons. (gold shops have some handheld items but not many) There's even a thread where people regularly post cash items that you can get for good gold prices.
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If you're going solely on account worth, I'd say anywhere above 400 million in total worth is upper class rich. There are people on Gaia worth billions too, which is either to do with very old collectibles, exemplary exchanging prowess, doing high level alchemy or a combination of all three.

Upper middle class would start at like 200 mil in overall worth. Most people are in the lower-middle class range from 10 mil to 200 mil. Though that's just on account worth, and it's just my assessment of things. It's hardly anything concrete, just founded on my view of item worth and all that stuff. It's really not that hard to gather about 5-10 mil in account worth these days though.

Someone suggested making a dream avatar with tektek.org, and that's a pretty good start. 3nodding
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If you want good money, I'd be sure to check out the Gaia Aquarium forums.
Also, try playing HoC (Under Games) for essence, and then trading it for gold.
1 point = 10 gold. wink
Another tip I've seen is to collect trash in towns and sell it in the market place.

Happy Hunting.
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It really does depend. I wouldn't feel intimidated by other people that seem to have a lot, because you can buy a lot of really nice things for a small amount.

You can use tektek find items you like or make a dream avatar for yourself, to give you an idea of how much gold you need.

Booty Grab from the Aquarium forum is a simple way to make gold relatively quickly with not much effort.

The Guide and Resource forum is also worth a glance; it has a lot of helpful threads that you may find interesting.
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If you create yourself an avatar with Tektek, make sure to double check on Gaia if it's actually working before buying the items since it's possible it won't work.
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My untold riches in a picture.
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Well, to start:

"Rich" means usually owning items that easily go into the millions, billions, and (in the case of items like the Angelic Halo) items with no definable price at all! The bottom-point baseline for "rich" is at least having achieved 1 to 2 million.

"Middle class" would be around 1 mil to 100k.

Anything below 100k is "Poor."

If you want to make money, buy one or two RIG/Chance Item Bundles and sell them on the Marketplace. Don't touch the money and repeat this monthly until you reach your desired goal.
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1mil is used to be called rich

But neh

Good mil item is worth roughly 3-9 mil. People can earn up to 18mil per month on bundles alone.

Average rich, I would say is having 20 mil

The new filthy rich is 1 bil - 1 trillion
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For me it is:

Filthy rich: Anything over 100.000.000
Rich: 50.000.000 - 100.000.000
Upper Middle class: 10.000.000 - 50.000.000
Middle Class: 1.000.000 - 10.000.000
Anything under that is poor

It used to be special when you hit 1mil. But that is so easy nowadays.

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