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Every month, how many MC seals do you buy?
I'm only allowed to buy two, or three each month, not big on money.
But, I do think people go overboard when they buy a ton.
It's just a game, and some people have known to buy 10 - 30 or so!
I find that ridiculous and a waste of money.

This topic may have already been discussed, but I dont know.

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I buy 5 seals. Then I club them all. twisted


I buy the sealeds like on the 26th of a month around. When I can see that the
items will stay expensive. I never buy early than the 24th, it's just stupid.

I donate how much I want, nobody in my fam knows I do . . confused

max has been $50.

Peaceee, kevin~
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Heh, I've never been allowed to purchase MCs, and even then I don't really bother getting them from the market anymore. I like them and all, but the desire to go grab some isn't there. ^^;
People buying 10-20?


That's a whole lot...

I'll have to see what's inside it first. xP

I don't buy, we're just pixels.
I never donated to Gaia. Which is why I'm not rich. Ah well, I deserve it for not contributing to the site.
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I don't, because I cannot. sweatdrop
I rely solely on luck and the kindness of other Gaians.
Three on a two-item month, four on a three-item month.

Maybe more if I want another copy of an item/want to give one to a friend.

I'm working on an 07 letter set. Not that it'll be worth much if we're judging by what we've gotten so far. (sigh)
[ Buy...with real money, or gold?

I don't spend money on Gaia. But I have bought three letters with gold.

I have a lot of gold, so I wish I'd bought more when they were cheaper. Oh well.
*shrug* I'll buy about 5-10 at a time to re-sell for more individually.
I usually buy (in the MP, I have never donated to Gaia and never will) as many as you need to get the "sets" complete. Say... to have the whole armor, whole mecha suit, etc..
I used to buy one or two each month, but now I have better things to buy with my money instead of pixels. confused
I know people who buy upwards of 100 each month.
Although, for many people this is where the majority of their life is spent, and I think that's a little sad. I myself only buy sealed's with IRL money once in a blue moon, it's much easier to wait for the items to open and buy them after they've deflated.

Buying sealed's on the MP isn't worth it anymore. :/
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I buy mine with my own gold :3

and I only buy them after they are released
I wait til they come out to buy some so I know how man there are.
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I usually buy one a month. Sometimes two, if I really like both items. sweatdrop I think it's pretty cool when people donate a lot of money to the site. I remember hearing about someone who donated over $100 once last year. (I think it was around Christmas) A lot of those people don't just sell the letters, they give them away to friends or to strangers as gifts. It's terrific that they're so generous and do that much to keep Gaia running for us all, I think. 3nodding

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