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Do you / would you use Gaia's houses?

Yes! I use this feature currently. 0.13682812180666 13.7% [ 1339 ]
I would use this feature if it were updated! (bug fixes / new items) 0.42254240752095 42.3% [ 4135 ]
No, I have little to no interest in this feature. 0.38503985285101 38.5% [ 3768 ]
Idk, I'm just taking this poll for the gold! 0.055589617821377 5.6% [ 544 ]
Total Votes:[ 9786 ]
This poll closed on March 6, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Owl Hug's avatar

Kawaii Star

I have been here since 2003 and don't really like the housing feature that much. I think I used it a couple of times, but it just didn't appeal to me.
-x- R 0 B i N x3 -x-'s avatar

Dapper Fatcat

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How about take away the housing... maybe even the whole ''Towns'' thing completely and try bringing back the vj (video lounge)?
Yes, I'm still going to rebel about this. That place was and still is amazing. I even prefer that place over the rally and hollywood :^l Hopefully it does make a comeback... seriously... it needs to emo
cat_wover's avatar

Profitable Fatcat

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  • Entrepreneur 150
Houses, used it before but i almost forgotten time to redocor
LilChibiusa's avatar

Playful Nerd

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  • Elocutionist 200
I think that the housing feature can be fun and useful at times, but it's not something I use regularly. My primary purpose in using it is to chat and plan/play with the people with the Annual Ball. New items wouldn't really interest me too much, but the ability to have more people in the same area would.
NekochanXIII's avatar

Friendly Hunter

7,950 Points
  • Team Jacob 100
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  • Brandisher 100
- I like my house as it is, but if more Gothic or Asian items came out I might get them.
- I don't use it except to decorate it when an item strikes me. Maybe if you could make it so we have the option for interior rooms, and make it further expandable.
- It is decorated. There is a desk, several padded chairs, sofa, flat-screen, casket, Bastet cat statues, wall sconces, Japanese sliding door etc.

Honestly? I would personally rather see work done to fix zOMG.
Mizu Takishima's avatar

Quotable Elder

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I'd use it if it were more updated

and I'd use it if I had more gold to spend sad

but mostly I just keep trying to save for items for my human form

I voted for the "I'd use it if it were updated!" option though.
Messyart's avatar

Gallant Loiterer

8,250 Points
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  • Millionaire 200
I'd like a slightly broader update. Make the junk items we find outside/ in towns much more useful and create a greater range of things to make that aren't just worthless pieces for newbs to wear until they scrape more than 500g together.
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Blessed Gaian

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
The housing feature would be good if it worked. I have two accounts, and keep my housing on the other one. I managed to make it as I wanted to -- I had lots of Angelic furniture from back when it wasn't valuable -- but when I try to actually activate the house it freezes.

I think the angelic and nitemare sets could be expanded, because from my knowledge they are the most popular. Also, it might be a good idea to make animated items for the homes, such as a candle to place somewhere which has an animated fire.
Lei_Trigar's avatar

Fiery Survivor

29,050 Points
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Would like to see a Rose wallpaper, different rooms, more stories, etc.

Not as much as I use to.. Some kind of daily chance thing? Like get a gift in your mailbox everyday or something like that, heard they were thinking of growing your own plants, put achievements to things like that and I'll play it more.

Been in its current state for yeeeears now, its simple and comfy. :3
Adorkable Monster's avatar

Friendly Citizen

I can't walk. why can't i walk? in or around houses everything just gets in my way! gonk
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Kawaii Bloodsucker

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  • Team Edward 100
I would like to see more glitter/sparkly stuff for the home, maybe something like a little fishtank
Yes I use it. I would use it more if the graphics were cuter
My house is decorated with bows and christmas lights

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

Honestly? I would personally rather see work done to fix zOMG.


And the aquariums,fergawdssake....we need more fish for BG in PhinPhang.
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Interesting Phantom

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Would be cool if you can buy a second room like second floor or use a door in your home since it is just made for decoration with an idling purpose and also allowing to create animating furniture in the gold shop or cash shop however to waste our good money on for towns 2.
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Aged Prophet

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Bigger house (two floors, maybe a yard?), maybe marriage in town and two people receive a bigger house?. My house is maxed. I even have the tree there. Would love achievements with house. Would love it if your profile had more connections with your house. An update on the house movement and everything in there would be more fun since it always feels laggy. And my computer is pretty top notch....Also more ability to work with items, filling shelves or being able to sit on chairs, lay on bed, with people? like a sofa.
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Sparkly Senshi

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I only visit my house during events that call for using Towns 2, like the fluff event. If there was some incentive like that, maybe I'd go there more often. IDK. I haven't used my aquarium in forever either.

My house is decorated with stuff from Daily Chance. I don't care about my house enough to spend gold on it.

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