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In a relationship with Froggy


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I guess modding helps, but a lot of times I just go through cycles. Sometimes I'm super into it and other times I'm way more interested in things like Minecraft.
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Liberal Scrooge

Once you've had your share of the cake, the sentimentality — the aftertaste, if you will — is enough to keep you in touch for an indefinite amount of time. I don't know if it's objectively justified to say Gaia's updates have been diminished in impact on the users, but it sure feels that way to me now. It's not a bad thing; I'm neutral and passive regarding most of the crud and healthily enthused by the occasional event. Pretty much win-win; I neither need to keep my interest up, nor be kept very interested. I'll just fade out when the time comes, I reckon.
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Unbeatable Ladykiller

Items, mostly. There are times when I get bored, so I just take a break. I still log on everyday to check things out, but I'm not active. I really don't think I'd ever completely leave. The longest I've ever gone without doing anything on Gaia was a month. All of the work I've put into this account keeps me from leaving entirely.

I'm kind of on and off right now. I'll probably come back once an actual event thread gets put up, because right now the GCD is filled with a bunch of threads that really don't belong here, and it's kind of annoying.
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Beloved Perfectionist

Well thats easy i stay on when GAIA > RL.

Sounds lame but when you have so much time to be bored, why not spend it hear.

While some time when work or achool takes hold


All depends on the day
Wolf Princess of the Moon's avatar

Loyal Lover

I spend quite a lot of time on Gaia it's true. And I do occasionally find myself getting bored of it from time to time. Usually during these times is when I simply stop and find something else to do. A different site, maybe play a game or just, do something else that doesn't require me sitting in the same room. XDD Eventually, and it doesn't take very long, I'll get back into Gaia and be in it more.

Recently I've got something that keeps me occupied though that keeps me coming back. biggrin And that's the Aekea Guild I'm in. ouo Only a handful of the people who joined are active so I come back every day hoping to see it come to life more. ouo So right now that's what keeps me entertained more. biggrin Odd too cause I didn't used to be a Guilds person. Before the Guild I honestly don't know why I kept coming back. XDD Things to read, dressing up my avie, Interacting with other people from time to time. I dunno. XD
-II mioamore II-'s avatar

Shy Fatcat

Certainly the few forums I subscribe to, the events, anything new on gaia such as items that peek my interest and more importantly, the friends I've made here.

It gets boring for me once in awhile which is why I can go through a week+ away from gaia and feel like I haven't missed much.
yakiterri's avatar

High-functioning Unicorn

It's actually easier to stay on Gaia when you have a lot of gold... I've been on hiatus for several time and it always caused by sudden loss of money~
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Kawaii Fairy

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I like talking in forums.

I think what keeps me coming back though is all of the items I have collected and making new avatars.
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I come and go every few weeks.I think what still draws me to the site are the items and the forums.While I try to come back to gaia for at least every Halloween and Christmas I'm starting to get really annoyed with the way the events unfold and the plot line. Two tragic lovers separated by someone somehow..sounds very familiar.I'm trying to stay interested in other things and flesh out to different parts of the site but it's harder to find time for it now too.
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Demonic Cultist

I normally go away for awhile then come back.
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Distinct Vampire

gaia_nitemareleft Vampires vs. Dark Elves

I have to have a week or more break once in a while so I don't get sick of the site. What keeps me coming back after those weeks is curiosity (new items, events happenings etc). I like having my week breaks because I'm really enthusiastic in coming back and I'll definitely put effort in my stay, if that makes sense?

Heads will roll... gaia_nitemareright
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Eloquent Explorer

I've invested so much time in dressing my avie, chasing items/art and making friends that I don't think I'd be able to leave. However long absences do happen quite often.

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Mega Winner

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CB,of course.
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Friends, forums, items, typical stuff. I don't get bored. I actually was trying to go on mini hiatuses when I was getting bored of Gaia. I didn't went into any of them. I just became a little less active, but always logged on. This place is amazing, and can't escape it. Hope someday I can make an amazing long term thread like some do. That would certainly make things more interesting in here for me.
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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There are so many new stuff nowadays that it isn't hard to keep me interested. Still, even without the new items and events, I'd still be on Gaia because it's become a habit.

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