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Items usually keep me interested and make me come on here to see what's new. Otherwise, I look around the forums and see if there are any interesting threads to post in.
If I do grow out of this site I wouldn't worry. It would mean I'm spending my time on something else that I enjoy or work that needs to be done.
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i like making people mad what can i say emotion_c8
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Hallowed Prophet

Hanging around the GCD and posting occasionally here keeps me around. Lurking Alchemy and the Art Shops as well keeps me interested.

I play zomg everyday as well; so that I'm occupied with that for a couple of hours at a time.

Events like Halloween and Christmas always see me logging in often.
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I'm only here for events and to pic up the occasion item that interests me.
I'm sort of busy irl at this time of year, so getting on here I don't have to do much to entertain myself. I'm usually on long enough to check on what I missed, and maybe start a conversation or two while doing other things at the time.

If the conversation's slow, I post a few times in here. When I'm not busy though, I love to quest. That's a big lure on this site for me; I like being able to put effort towards something and get rewarded. /shrugs Though right now my quest is kind of big, and I don't have the time to put into it, so it's tormenting me instead. In retrospect I should probley have quit this site a long time ago, but I'd just end up finding something else to fill up the empty space with.
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Ma Ajmala
As a long timer Gaia user at times the site gets dis-interesting me (I'M OLD TOO AS WELL). redface

I know there is a lot to do on the site as well as its what you make of it yourself.

With the Halloween event going on things are picking up at least interest wise for me.

How do you guys keep interested in this site? What do you, what games, forums or things you participate in that keeps you interested?
I keep coming up with new exciting outfits and for some reason that keeps me interrested. xD But that way, I'm always questing for a new item or looking for something new. Plus, there's always the potential for a really cool dragon cash item to come out that I don't want to miss....
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Mega Nerd

I've other duties I spend more time and far more effort on, so I only pay attention to events and instances like RIGs and evolving items. While I much would like to offer my opinions often, lately anything I could say (outside of this event of course) would count as actual parroting of what others say. My opinion is not important if there holds no individual thought basis on it.

Besides, I'm sure people would prefer my postings remain as scarce as they are. Wouldn't want to drag myself down showing my opinions on highly controversial topics. I do pay mind how others may view me.
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Magical Kitten

Pretty much, the avatars. I love dressing up my own avatar and creating a character backstory, but I also really love to see other's creative avatars! They're really inspiring. I haven't gone so far as to save a bunch of avatars on my computer, but sometimes I will see an avatar that sparks a thought, like an idea for some new art project or something to write about. I'm taking a couple writing classes and I've found that gaian avatars help inspire me for the more creative assignments.

Also I have a couple wonderful long-time friends on here that I RP with occasionally. We talk on skype mostly, but gaia is the best place to RP that we've found so we stick here together.
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For the first time in seven years, I'm actually enjoying conversing with people in the forums c:
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Anxious Builder

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          Avatars mostly, but also my friends and the community. Oh, and building up my inventory.
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Partying Reveler

I personally started a super quest that involves owning every item gaia ever makes. Why i don't know why . But i'll keep busy and earn and buy until one day i will still be earning and buying. My quest is flawed but oh well.
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I log on for Zomg, but I'm starting to get back into the storyline now that it's interesting again.
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Invisible Elder

My interest ends up waning every few months, leading me to take a hiatus for a while, and whenever I come back there are always fresh and new things to dig into. It also helps that I make sure I have a plethora of items that have inflated during that time so I have money to buy all of the new and shiny things that are around. 3nodding
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friends like you emotion_hug
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Seeking Muse

I keep interested because of the B/C and role play guilds smile

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