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As a long time Gaia user at times the site gets dis-interesting to me (I'M OLD TOO AS WELL). redface

I know there is a lot to do on the site as well as its what you make of it yourself.

With the Halloween event going on things are picking up at least interest wise for me.

How do you guys keep interested in this site? What do you, what games, forums or things you participate in that keeps you interested?
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The fact that there are new themes and events every year certainly helps. The focus of discussion fluctuates, new forums are created, there's a constant influx of new shiny items... We're pretty spoiled. I just like art, dressup games, and a little worldbuilding, and I'd say that Gaia's been providing me with that since I first found it. Even if I just show up for the yearly events, I'm still coming back and expressing interest, so they've done their job as writers and advertisers.

...Yeah, it's the worldbuilding. Not only are the new items cool shirts and whatever, but we get things like moon gods and Mephiste stuff all over the descriptions and backstory for them. No other avatar site does this.
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Kawaii Striker

Buy more s**t
make more avis
Winning formula cool

But I'll admit the community helps
I find myself on more often when I'm posting
instead of just logging on to peek at the announcements
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Well depends on the time of year, if there is an event going on then I'll most likely be wherever thats taking place.(forum or flash area)

apart from that just posting here in the GCD and guilds and lurking the art auction forum and fiddling with profile codes =P
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Demonic Lover

The GCD and my avatar keep me here~ also my friends C: it's an endless circle XD; I love playing with my avatar, I love getting new items to do so, and so I have to spend time in the site to make the gold to buy those~

I don't really "try" to stay interested, it just happens O: the fast pace of releases keep me pretty busy... however I keep thinking one day I'll have to leave for a while and that same pace will be my doom x ox; I tend to drop things quick if the "catch up" becomes overwhelming, it's what happened with the DC tittles uo u;

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I've been here longer than you. gonk **Loser**

Well, I have an art contest going on and I'm slowly adding more of my older possessions to it. I've actually decided that I may add 2003 items to it, but I'm checking if people would like that first in a poll. Maybe if I finally wean myself from all my pixels, I'll just slowly fade once the contest is finished, but who knows?
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I need to explore to site more. I gotta go visit towns, play zomg, and towns 2 talk and be random.

maybe thats what i need xd
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I actually took a hiatus recently because my offline life got rather chaotic. I joined in 2005 and really never stopped coming around till I got too busy for it. Since coming back this week, I'm just trying to catch up on story and recent events and see what's new. Feels really different after all this time. I think that's part of why people stay, it's always changing. They're always adding things to do and reasons to stick around. I'm also an avid follower of the plot, I have the last running G Corp guild there is. Most definitely gonna have an event thread when the time comes! <3
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From 03er to 03er, you know exactly what keeps us coming back...
.......Our friends and our addiction. gonk

The people, mostly. Then the items, the manga updates, events, and a variety of forums that keep me interested- art shops, art discussion, health and fitness, life issues, and of course.. The GCD.
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I love the poll option xd

plot, friends, games, avatars!
yes, I sorta follow the plot... even if we don't get it i a lot of time sweatdrop

also the items, we get so many items every month!!!
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There are times when I don't visit Gaia for a few months. When I don't feel interested at the time, I just don't log on and then come back later when I'm interested again. Nowadays I tend to have breaks every once in a while but I still log on daily, just don't tend to hang around.

At the moment, I'm a regular addict. Could be the upcoming Halloween event? Gaia is the thing that made Halloween much more interesting for me wink (since we don't celebrate Halloween at all in my country)
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The manga plot is one of my favorite parts too! Even if they don't update that often, it brings the NPC's so much closer with their personalities.
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I'd have to say the site itself. I've not found one like it. Oh sure, there are some that try, but nothing is quite like Gaia itself.

I have a lot of time and care put into this account....and I'm constantly in the forums.

That and all the shinies. >>;;

Gaia got me with the shinies. It's interesting to see what the team puts out every month. I may not like an item, but it's interesting to see nonetheless...that and the reaction to the items. Heh.
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Constant items being pooped out, the events help a LOT, especially when we've got events with teams. This last summer event.. well, sucked. But the teams, and their team spirits, made every second worth it. X3
Friends help make it worth it, I also like talking to new people, and have made a few new friends since posting more~ o A o

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