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Vote your answer for the blank. When judging a Gaian, I judge them based on their ____ first.

Username 0.14492753623188 14.5% [ 20 ]
Avatar 0.31884057971014 31.9% [ 44 ]
Posting Activity 0.34782608695652 34.8% [ 48 ]
Achievements 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Profile 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Other (feel free to tell us about your own answer in the topic) 0.18840579710145 18.8% [ 26 ]
Total Votes:[ 138 ]
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I don't judge people I meet online, what kind of stuck-up jerk would I have to be to think I could judge people I don't know? I guess if they give me a reason to judge them, like acting like a jerk or being nasty in some way I might start to form an opinion but I have no desire to start judging folks simply by their posts or their avatars, that just seems wrong.

You are right, opinion and judging is two different things and I do forget this allot.
I do more of the "having an opinion".

Yeah, I didn't realize there was a topic similar to mine until I clicked into it because the topic wasn't very explicit about the content. Thank you for taking the time to respond regardless. heart
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The way they type and username.

Example: Steer clear of xXPanda_iiXx who types like this >.> xD
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Well back then I feel because there were less items to work with, sets did in a sense make your avi creating skills look lazy. Which is kind of funny that people are competitive in that way and judged people by the sets they wore.

When cash items were still new, I also think it was a problem of people thinking that matching these new and shiny CS items were lazy.

We have so many new items, I don't think sets are really a problem to many people anymore, but over-used item combos perhaps.

Personally I don't really care if someone used a set or not. Frills are frills rolleyes
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The friendly conversations that I have with Gaians. Usernames, achievement, posting ability, et cetera, doesn't matter to me.
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I keep note cards with numbers on them by my laptop and pretend I'm at the Olympics.
I'm the Russian judge, look out.

I don't know, I try not to. How someone chooses to present themselves with their avatar or username or diction or typing or whatever does communicate something about them, but what they feel they're communicating with those things may be different from my interpretation of it. So I try to keep an open mind. And you never know when someone's just having a bad day.

I'd say I was more judgemental before, and I definitely used to quickly form opinions of people based on how they posted. Which is stupid considering how often I have to edit my posts, ha.
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How they talk/type.

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