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Vote your answer for the blank. When judging a Gaian, I judge them based on their ____ first.

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I apologize for how horrible the structure for this post is. A lot of questions are spinning in my head.


At some point during my years on Gaia, I read about how people who use nothing but cash shop items tend to be regarded as lazy show-offs, and people who wore items from the same set were considered lazy as well.

Does this still apply today?
Does it depend on which forum you're in? (e.g. GCD vs. Avatar Talk)
Does it depend on the type of item/set (e.g. Starter vs. Set vs. Bundle vs. Items from the same store)?

I personally don't mind if people wear cash-shop-only/RIG-exclusive items if they happen to look good together, or wear multiple poses from the same item because they're a big fan of the item. Though, I guess whether or not they look good together does affect the judgement of whether they're considered as lazy/showing-off.

But...aren't we, in a way, showing-off just by wearing any item at all?

Feel free to post examples of avatars you consider to be typical for users who are lazy/showing-off too. I'm interested in the different opinions people may have on this.

How often do you judge people based on the way they wear certain items, rather than the forum they happen to be posting in? Or do you look at other factors first when judging a Gaian's personality? What is the order in which you do this?
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I judge based on how they conduct themselves in the forums. I don't care much about , "how adorable you look" ; I simply cared about personality.
I have friends who would look like "n00bs" on here and friends that are "crazy-exchanger rich".

Now, I also have a diva judge. It's more like a fashion judgement. It goes like this, "GUUUUURL, you are rockin those leg mods! " *snapsnap* emotion_awesome
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I wouldn't say wearing items from a set is lazy.. more so
just a lack of being able to have creativity with an avatar.
The items were made to be a set.. so if you use more than
one it's like you're just limiting yourself. But it's nobody's
problem whether or not you wear more than one item from
a set or not, unless you're asking for advice or a rate in the

As for wearing cash shop items, I don't really see it as
showing off. I mean, I bought items from the shop with
money I rotted at work to earn. I'm so used to cash shop
items being on me and other people's avatars that they
aren't really special to me. But in my opinion, they are of
a greater quality than plain old gold shop items.

Someone might think another is showing off solely based
on what items they're wearing, but if they're judging me..
guess what? I earned all of the items I own and I can choose
to wear them however I want without having to worry about
what other people think. I make really nice avatars sometimes,
and I know that because other people comment on them. Other
times I won't get any compliments at all. I don't take it as a
bad thing, because I still enjoy my avatar no matter what I put
on it. ^^ And I don't judge a person based on their avatar alone
unless they've been a douchebag to me for no reason at all.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I don't care if users decide they want to dress their avatar up as an entire set of a certain item. If they happen to like the pale marionette look, for example, and can afford it, then good for them.

My issue is when they act like it's an original outfit and character that they themselves created, and buy art of it. I've seen that happen far too often in art shops, and it gets rather annoying at times.

Users who judge others based solely on now their avatars look are just looking for any reason to feel better about themselves. It's just rather pitiful, in my opinion.
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There are so many items on gaia that if someone used two poses from the same item i probably wouldn't even know cool
oh yeahhh

as i age farther away from gaia's demographic everyone in my mind tends to get clumped into one special section if i don't know who they are or i go outside of the GCD, regardless of what their avatar wears: teenagers
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I don't care what someone's avatar looks like, and the only place I judge avatars is in the arena.

There's nothing wrong with wearing a set of items, or just cash shop items. As long as the person likes the items they can wear whatever they want.

Cash items just tends to look better and more diverse than gold shop items so that's why people wear them, not because they are trying to show off.
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I don't have other cues like facial expressions and body language so I have to admit that sometimes the avatar does factor in. Most of the time, I prefer the content and conduct of their posts.
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Something a long the lines of, not to judge a man on his looks, but what he has to offer. ::shrugs::

I don't care if the avatar looks like a hobo or a millionaire. I'm more concerned with what actually is said by the person behind the avatar.
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I judge people based on Everything; how they look, what they say, etc, and once I've made up my mind it's never set in stone; my mind can change about a person.
As for the Cash Shop bit, I used to think that a person buying items from there and then just putting them ALL on their Avatar used to strike me as lazy (THAT and before I got a mind of my own, I was on the "anti-cash shop band wagon" ). But then as I dug deeper into it all, I realized that it's not because they were lazy. It was because that most of them worked hard for that money, which they're blowing on Pixels.
As for wearing sets. . . Who ever said it was a bad idea, can go ******** themselves. Because a lot of the sets I have seen, and have seen some people wear around here, look awesome. And I've seen people pull them off VERY nicely. So, I'm cool with people wearing sets- I see nothing wrong with wearing them.

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i've learned not to judge an avi by how their avatar looks but by how they interact with other people. I have read a number of times using multiple poses in one item is frowned upon but that's usually from the arena and AT. Personally, if someone wants to use the all poses from one item at the same time, then why shouldn't they if they love that look so much. i wouldn't think of them as lazy or not creative (unless its an entry for the arena).
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I mainly look at post content, unless an avatar particularly catches my eye. Distinctive avatars are naturally more noticeable...still, as in real life, beauty doesn't compensate for a bad personality. sweatdrop
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I remember how people judged on that... But there's a difference between back then and now when people really judged others harshly for wearing sets and cash items I believe (which mostly consisted of DI's/MCs). I think the reason those that got judged negatively for wearing a bunch of cash items as "showing off", was because they cluttered their avatars with nothing but cash items to where it really did just look like a cluttered mess with no design. Hence them being thought of as just simply "showing off" and lazy. Sets possibly looked down upon cause it was easy to tell if someone was wearing a set cause we were so limited in item sets still to be able to spot it and see so much of the same sets used again and again.

But these days, it's hard to come by any avatar that isn't wearing at least ONE cash item. It's become so common that no one thinks anything of it, so I don't think it's an issue people take with now compared to back then that someone is just "showing off" with wearing a bunch of cash items. Especially when we have so much more variety and options in cash items over regular gold items (and better designs/artwork on them too). They've become more of a norm to use than gold shop items I believe. Also, since there are so many cash items and sets available (and a number of cash items looking very similar to one another), it's hard to tell if someone is actually wearing more than one of a set, or even commonly see the same sets used over and over again anyways that it doesn't easily register to people to even think of it or get irked by it even (you'd have to be pretty obsessed to know every single item and set well by memory on this site now I think).

As for if I judge a persons avatar based on what they wear... no, can't say that I do. But I will say that the general expression and look of an avatar may affect how I may read their "voice" (how they sound in my head) in what they post.
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I just judge people based on the posts I see them posting
You could have the nicest avatar but if you're being a t**t then I'll regard you as such

Avatars just make identification easier
Like I can't believe X just said that
I use to have respect for them or vice versa
not having respect and seeing a post that gains my respect
things like that flip flop as I get to see their ideas on things
and agree or disagree with them

and while I find using sets to be a lazy alternative I won't raise a word against you
unless you're in the avatar arena and by that point you should expect to be judged for that
sets are meant to work together because they were made that way so using them all isn't very creative
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I judge avatars, but I don't use them to define who the person behind it is.

You can have the best avatar and be a horrible person and I won't think too highly of you.

I don't see the point in trying to judge a person based on anything other than what they say. Why bother?! Anything other than that, and I'm misjudging because a username or an avatar or a signature isn't remotely close to a true representation of a person.

And I'm incredibly forgiving, because even what we write isn't all of who we are.
I don't care if users decide they want to dress their avatar up as an entire set of a certain item. If they happen to like the pale marionette look, for example, and can afford it, then good for them.

My issue is when they act like it's an original outfit and character that they themselves created, and buy art of it. I've seen that happen far too often in art shops, and it gets rather annoying at times.

Users who judge others based solely on now their avatars look are just looking for any reason to feel better about themselves. It's just rather pitiful, in my opinion.

If you're talking about how people think others are 'stealing their look' just because they wear certain combos (and I'm guessing those people tend to keep their equipped lists hidden to avoid 'plagiarism'), I felt as if the avatar marketplace was an attempt to monetise this, though I'm not really sure as to how successful it was.

If you're talking about how role-players make their own characters' avatars then buy art of it, I guess they wanted to keep the idea itself as an intellectual property rather than the avatar, though they seldom seem to realise that it's impossible to 'protect' an idea.

Also, yeah, it's possible for people to think badly of others to make themselves feel better. That can be annoying. I mean, for instance, I know for a fact that not all the rich Gaians are snobs.


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