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Maybe a letter-writing campaign? Anyone could do that, and if enough people make their concerns known, I think it would be more effective at drawing attention to the problems.
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Boycotting Gaia dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama

I thought before that mass boycott or "blackout" might do the trick... but it may eventually result shutting Gaia down completely if they don't have sufficient funds to keep the site running. ^.~

they definitely wouldn't shut Gaia down because they put to much money and time in the site, look at myspace as an example, 10 years later they still are trying to add all these crazy features to have people interested in them; it didn't work so they ended up selling it off, Gaia probably has or will be doing this in the future
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The only method I could really see working would be a GC boycott, which really would be difficult, given the size and span of Gaia's forums.

Spreading the word could happen, though it'd be difficult, and really, Gaia has enough big time spenders that I don't think it'd really be effective in the end.

Gaia knows that a large portion of it's userbase isn't happy with their recent actions, they just know that a larger portion is still gobbling up GC and CV items.

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