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don't know if this has ever been mentioned, but Mini Chequer is really cute. I use it with black coat items sometimes

has a hair ribbon, shirt, shorts, and shoes

Morpheus and The Sandman Dreams are around 1 bil or slightly lower, pretty blue items : )
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I don't know what qualifies as "inexpensive" these days, but I'll try my best. I think I'll start making posts by theme. This theme is, ocean!

Moana the Azure Porpoise is 210 million. There aren't many ocean pet items and Moana is one of the better deals. Though cheaper options exist! Paul the Octopus was a freebie so his price remains at a low 70 million. (not as low as other freebies, but it's used as an alchemy component so that drives the price up a bit) Narwhal comes out of one of the free giftboxes, so it's only 2 million.

Wanna be a mermaid, but don't have a lot of gold? You have options! The Orca Tail, 3 million, and the Lionfish Tail, only a few THOUSAND, are both zOMG! items, hence the low prices. If you have a bit more to spend, the Obsidian Seahorse Tail goes for around 100 million. One of the alternate colors, the Amber Seahorse Tail has an LBP of 400 million, though the ABP is half that. Aquatica, the first mermaid item, has a blue fish tail and a shark tail, in addition to a few accessories. It's cheaper than most mertails, less than one billion. Sunset Siren is 750 million and gives a pretty good range of poses. The price seems better when compared to the recolors, which run at least 5 billion each. Currently, the one-pose Seafolk tails run 500 million.

If you have an animal base, the Atlantic Blue runs less than 2 billion. Considering it's the only way to make your animal base into a sea creature, the price isn't so bad.

Now, this item is more expensive than the others listed, but it's an older EI and has a lot of poses, so the 3 billion pricetag of Yemaya's Pearl feels more reasonable. It has tails, animals, accessories, and backgrounds!

Need some ocean accessories? zOMG! item Starfish runs at 180 million and gives some nice pink starfish to cover your private bits. And for only 27k, you can get a matching Starfish Crown! Running a bit higher at 500 million, She Sells Seashells has some cute sand dollar clothing and accessories. Memphis Wing Bra is 300 million, pricey for a single-pose item, but it's nice. Pearls has some great pearl accessories for 20 million. Clamshell Purse has a cute little purse, shaped like a clamshell, for 50k.

Gonna need some items. Anchor is 2.5 million. Water Trident is 50 million. Sharktooth Knife has an LBP of 15 million, though the ABP is a lot lower if you want to see if the price will drop.

Backgrounds? Sadly, it seems a number of the ocean and underwater backgrounds have gotten inflated. But Summer Jelly has a nice beach for only 300 million. More of a foreground thing, but Astra Jellypop is 800 million. It's a cute animated item where bubbles move over your avatar, AND if you move your cursor over the avatar, the bubbles you touch pop! So cute! The recolor Grape Jellypop runs about the same price.
Searching the MP and found these. Sorry if some of these have been mentioned! Sorry for the long post too!
Headmaster Series:
User Image
Balanced Headmaster:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 750,000,000 gold
User Image
Clockwork Headmaster:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 500,000,000 gold
User Image
Harmonic Headmaster:
Bit pricey but Lowest Buy Now Price: 848,000,000 gold

User Image

Wopertinger Plush:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 235,000,000 gold
User Image
Manticore Plush:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 100,000,000 gold

User Image
Burned Dead:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 700,000,000 gold
User Image
Akademeia Green:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 390,000,000 gold
User Image
Red Sorcerer:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 250,000,000 gold
User Image
Witch's Grand Gala:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 874,900,000 gold (Going down though)
User Image
Hocuspocus Hair:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 500,000,000 gold

User Image
Verden Frakasi:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 9,000,000 gold

SDPlus: (In case you want a friend)
User Image
SDPlus #252 Jack Frost:
Lowest Buy Now Price: 100,000,000 gold
There is actually quite a few cheap SDPlus'! Just type in "SDPlus" In the marketplace and sort by lowest price~
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lol at what's considered inexpensive now
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Fragrant Aroma
Hello, i am tweaking this avatar and found that the "lovely diction"'s hat would be the perfect item to complete it but there isn't any on the MP :/ could you help me to find a nice similar hat please? also a background preferably b/w or grey.

Thank you heart

I know this isn't exactly cheap but i don't remember to see a fremere's ward going for 1 bill in a long timr

if you're still looking for a grey background, User Image has 3 fairly decent grey scale backgrounds; and it's going for about 3m+

this one look great ! thank you
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lol at what's considered inexpensive now
Haha, I feel ya. I remember when 3.5k was a good deal on sealed envelopes. =P
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It's time for some cheap Halloween-related items! As always, LMP reflects what it was at the time I was typing this up, and may change between then and when this eventually gets posted.

User Image User Image I believe these two are recent releases. Astra: Grisly Shoeprints (left) and Astra: Grisly Footprints (right) are currently at an LMP of around 7 million each, and provide some great background bloody prints that could likely be combined with another background for great effect.

User Image Starcrossed Lovers' Tragedy features a bottle of poison and two bloodied dagger poses (one held, one sunk into the avatar's chest), as well as some really neat red and blue masquerade masks. Current LMP is just over 33 million.

User Image An older Halloween event item, the S.I.N. Robes are rather fetching in red and black and are both hooded and unhooded, perfect for costumes requiring dark hooded robes and such. Current LMP is just over 14 million. (the counterpart of these from the event, the B.O.O. Robes, are even cheaper, if you don't mind the white and light green color scheme.)

User Image The Jackster Face Paint is currently 500K LMP and would likely be great for quick costumes or maybe something out of The Purge.

User Image User Image While I received my Skunk Cosplay through the Dumpster Dive, one can currently be acquired through the MP at a fairly low LMP of 34 million. Its counterpart, the Pink Skunk Cosplay is going for an LMP of 10K!

User Image Several of the Neko Cosplays deflated a ton following the release of the alchemy RIG over in GoFusion, and the Pink Neko Cosplay is the cheapest of the three with an LMP of 10 million. Rainbow and White aren't much more expensive, and with enough gold and other components, an enterprising alchemist can fashion themselves an expensive Black Neko Cosplay.

User Image Cosplay Rufus! Only 1 and a half million LMP!

User Image Another quick cosplay kit, the Staff Impersonation Kit (blue) features flat masks of the Admin, Leon, and Lanzer, as well as a plain blue mask, and is at an LMP of just under 2 million. It's also loads cheaper than its red counterpart, which for some reason is several billion.

User Image Black/red and with both helmeted/helmetless and bladed/bladeless varieties, the Alien Armorskin is a one-item costume and is currently at an LMP of 2 and a half million. It's also more suited for male avatars, as female avatars have to put up with the default bra still being present.
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lol at what's considered inexpensive now
Haha, I feel ya. I remember when 3.5k was a good deal on sealed envelopes. =P
I remember when I sent 2.50 in a freaking envelope, to get a ninja headband which I traded for a fox tail and ears lmao.
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lol at what's considered inexpensive now
Haha, I feel ya. I remember when 3.5k was a good deal on sealed envelopes. =P
I remember having a friend who donated 2.5k to me and I was beyond thrilled that she could spare that much for little old me!
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I've been lurking this post for quite some time, so I figured I should at least contribute something 3nodding

Pretty navy items (I felt like I saw quite a few ask about navy items or is it just me?):

User Image
Features a long navy wig, a prom style long dress and a bloody candle stick (just in time for halloween) all for the "low price" of 70mil (as of 2 seconds ago)

User Image
Quite a bit more expensive version of the one above, but with a much prettier dress and hair option imo. Though there is significantly less poses, I think it's much more versatile. This item is about 550mil for those with a slightly bigger bank account

For that underwater ocean theme (continuing marshmallowcreampie's list) :

User Image
features an underwater background with fishes and whatnot. Lowest underwater background I found in the mp, at an "affordable" 230mil (but only one left so... razz ) Honestly if I didn't just splurge on Yemaya's Pearl I would have bought this instead buh oh wells razz

User Image
Cheaper alternative to the other bubble products out there, has some cute poses including a bubble dress/skirt, bubble hat and bubbles on the floor. The pastel colors make it more usable and easier to include in other outfits. Obviously not the same as the ai bubblepop series, but worth mentioning cus the prices just dropped from a ridiculous 500mil to about 200mil.

User Image
want more fish for your avi? Here's your answer! 4laugh at a "mere" 3mil, you can have these colorful fish too! Best part is, out of the three poses, one is just splashes of color, which makes this even more versatile to use. When you get tired of ocean themed avis you can move onto rainbow avis and still use the same piece.

Some other items I found worth mentioning:

User Image
A few poses (top, bustle, hairpiece, wig and the winding key on your back) perfect for a steampunk-ish outfit or a windup doll costume. Lowest market price right now is 179mil, but I've seen it as "low" as 130mil quite a few times.

User Image
I actually just bought this item myself, so you can see it on my avi (I wanted to do a brown/cream themed music avi but I couldn't find a dress for the longest time). Lowest mp right now is 250mil, and it features a hat, a wristlet, hair extentions (light blond but blends in well with most pastel colors and whites), coat, a cute dress and the prettiest brown boots I've seen on gaia.

User Image
Finally,I just wanted to briefly mention this puppy. I mean... just look at it whee I still can't believe it's "only" 140k! It has quite a few poses including a begging pose, an "on-your-head" pose and a few others. In fact, I liked it so much I bought three. lol.

anyways, I hope I was able to help :3 Ignore my quotations when I speak of "low" prices if you please... I'm just still in shock at what counts as "cheap" nowadays. I'm a recent returnee from 2010 and needless to say... Idk how the market place got so f-ed up O.O I mean I do... but that's another topic for another day stare
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Portrait of a Hare is only 4b now (for anyone who remembers how ridiculously expensive it was). User Image

Cool Bloody Mary Eyes for 400m. User Image

Young Frederika is going for around 300m and I think it has one of the prettiest lip items on Gaia: User Image

Saber Feidae has a good teal & brown combo for 300m. User Image

Psychedelic Submersible is a nice Beatles reference for ~250m. User Image

Crimson Tea Party - 140m User Image

Counterfeit Groom is really a steal with leg and arm mod for 90m. User Image

Astra: Warm Blueberry Pie is around 40m and would be great for Thanksgiving. User Image

Charming Majokko Dorobo is really cute and only 40m. User Image

Table Rage - 30m User Image

Verden Frakasi - 8m User Image
Pegasaurus Rex

The Counterfeit items for the male base are really cheap for an item that has a great leg mod and arm mod. I just bought all three!
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i'm pretty sure you all know of this but User Image volant daydream is such a delightful and cute item that's going for about 900 m+ and you can also get it in GoFusion
granted, the colours are a bit difficult to match, but might as well grab it before gaia pulls it out of GoFusion like they did with Keiko's Trifle

edit: User Image light keiko's curls are going for about 350 m +, coming in soft shades of yellow and white- grab one while you can~

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Pegasaurus Rex

The Counterfeit items for the male base are really cheap for an item that has a great leg mod and arm mod. I just bought all three!

I know, right? They're great quality, too!

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