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Fanciful Light Charmer is around 220k.

That might seem more than other items, but it is extremely cheaper than its recolour (Blushing light charmer) and I personally think it to be better than its recolour.

The wig alone is utterly gorgeous, and looks fantastic when cut with the agape scissors, too!

Also contains gold, cream and pastel blue poses, which are adorable for those that like it. Definitely cannot believe it is so inexpensive at all!
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Also, the Emerald and Amethyst Princess Gowns from Alchemy are both now below 35k! Compared to their more expensive sister, the Onyx Princess Gown at 134k, these two are a steal![/quote

I once paid 500k for that Onyx Gown... crying Barnacles.
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GAU-3 Sasha: User Image

Joyful Dreams Air: User Image

Black Cat Fleece Hat: User Image

Joculari: User Image

Victoire Corsair:User Image

Slayer Champion:User Image

Imperial Han:User Image

Red Peppermint Bark:User Image

Decayed Skullheads: User Image
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Traveling Veterinae: Nice wig and other stuff for just around 30k.
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Lover's Anarchy is pretty cheap now 75kish.
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Northern Starlight is pretty cheap for 19k. it has a gorgeous cape and some really nice stars.
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Marooned Wench


Marooned Lass

Both of these items are in the 60k range, yet they both sport come of the best designed AND fitted corsets I have seen on this site in a while. And they are so very cheap. Dare I say that Marooned Wench's black and white corset looks almost on par with the Ashen Marionette's black and white recolor corset? I would say better, but I know better than to officially say that out loud... lest another take offense.

User Image
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One of the nicest swimsuits for lady avatars:
Island Sherbert.
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You guys always break my bank when I have some decent gold.
I just found this thread, and it's wonderful, especially because I haven't been on Gaia so long! I've missed out on so many items o:
thing is, I'm not rich enough to be calling 200k items cheap yet, so I decided to share a list of some really cheap things I like:

Horns of the Dragon Queen - ~500g. I think they're actually really lovely if you can figure out how to work them into an outfit.
Dark Elf's Aura - ~5k. if you're going for an avatar with a lot of purple in it - especially if it's slightly creepy/magical-looking - this could be really nice.
Ghostly Candles - ~500g. once again, it goes well with the creepy/magical purple theme; the candles float behind you.
Streamer Scarf - ~500g. it's so pretty and colourful!
Bonsai Wings - ~100g. the hairpin is cute. the wings are kinda hard to see because they're so small, but if your avatar isn't bulky enough to obscure them, they're pretty cute.
Starter Windblown Scarves - 5g each at Gambino Outfitters. they come in blue, red, and grey, and they're actually really nice.
Overseer Tarp Cape - ~500g. a nice dark teal cape.
Dark Elf's Light Armor - ~100g. they're only for the shoulders, but I was surprised at the price because they're very detailed-looking. I know they were free from an earlier Halloween event, but they're the cheapest out of all of the other Dark Elf items.
Ghost Skin 2k10 - ~3.5k. it's a skin that isn't ridiculously expensive! o:
Laurels - ~30g. they could be a nice touch for a green-themed or nature-themed avatar.
Titan's Legacy (Seed) - ~300g. so many poses. frankly, a lot of them aren't that nice, but I could see people using the Earth-Crafter arms or the Chains of the Old poses. or the Laurel of Life.
Noble Scarf Sash - ~9k. it's a tad expensive for an item with no other poses, but it's such a nice scarf/sash that also pairs well with a lot of things. I mean, the description is: "This long sash of soft velvet can be worn in many different ways and tied off with delicate accessories."
Oh My Gumball - ~12k. it has a nice variety of poses; I especially like the horns. they remind me of that witch from Soul Eater, the one who uses black arrows...?
Goldfish Scarf - ~90g. it's pretty and flowy!
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User Image I may have mentioned this one before, but 67k is pretty worth it for Sea Supremacy, especially because of dat hair emotion_dowant
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I remember the Nautilus Raiment being well over a mil. Good to see it actually reasonably priced.
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User Image White Delight - that price for that godly hair? The hair is nicely done and I do believe that it can really match well with most of the female avatar.

User Image Team Uniforms - I believe that this item should worth more. Just look at those nice male hair and it comes with some cool clothes.

User Image I, Gradient - Cheap leg mod.. nuff said. The leg mod do also blends well with most pants (tektek doesn't show the real potential of this item)

User Image Ohaguro Smile - cheap lipstick. I've seen many female avatars that had put this item to good use.

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