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xenomorph envy
User Image I'm surprised no one has mentioned the deflation of one of my favorite items, Night Stalker. (Not that my current avatar is any indication. blaugh ) It's ABP has halved in just over a week.

I'm still waiting for it to go lower than that so I can snag a few sweatdrop
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xenomorph envy

I'm still waiting for it to go lower than that so I can snag a few sweatdrop

omg your avatar is gorgeous. I actually got 2 for 60k and 70k yesterday, so there's definitely hope.
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Your right there costs can be insane... i can think of one item right now SKELETON one day its 11k now its up to 21k crazy....
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Nouveau Spring has never been an expensive item, but 19k? Seriously? The dress is so pretty, and the wreath of pink roses is so cute. Plus, you could cosplay an Alfonse Mucha painting. xd
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Guys, guys, User Image Nautilus Raiment is hovering around 150k. Sorry if this is a repost.
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Nouveau Spring has never been an expensive item, but 19k? Seriously? The dress is so pretty, and the wreath of pink roses is so cute. Plus, you could cosplay an Alfonse Mucha painting. xd

thats genius. I would cosplay the s**t outta Alphonse Mucha.

And for relevancy's sake
Rock Hard The union jack mini dress is worth this alone not to mention the rad guitars and cuffs.
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User ImageDalnim has dropped to 105k and I suspect it might drop even lower emotion_dowant

User Image Luminous Pangea keeps going back and forth between 39k/50k (right now it's going for 49k)

User Image Sleepybye Princess is 20k at the moment. Definitely worth it for that cute dress/nightgown and socks alone.
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Cream Tam Beret Is rediculously low when you compare it to how it was a few months ago. Almost 200k it was! now only 40-50k!
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Was browsing the MP just now for something totally unrelated, and this came up in "suggested items": Foxy Flag Gal. Awesome hair, goggles that also give you eyeshadow, a cute dress and skirt AND those boots for under 100k??! eek Yesplz!
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emotion_kirakira They're stuck at their sellback level and I don't see how there are still any left. I love the coats these two have. [Mostly because I find them so stylish and would LOVE it if I actually owned them in real life.] They have a elegant, classy but also edgy look to them. Just omfg yes. <3
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Here are two items from previous CI Champion Halls that have fallen a lot in price

Nicks and Giggles A Joker from Batman themed item it's shade of purple matches beastly professor and bitter black just under 60k

Predominant principal Blue and white item with a nice pair of pants under 30k
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otaku sanctuary has a great background, handheld, and foreground, for only 20k; previously much higher

lovely diction has a lovely hat, dress, parasol, and music notes thing for only 40k; previously well in the 200ks~

lunar celebration has a great lovely background, lantern, dragon scarf, and fireworks pose for only 38k!

bunnihilation is a certain type of rei that evolves occasionally but before it evolves again (when it usually shoots up to 100k temporarily for profit) that has evolved a few times already, so its got a ton of cute poses if you like bunnies. under 45k usually

vibrant sunrise has a bucketload of cute wa lolita poses in vibrant yellow/orange <3 always under 40k and very close to sellback

warzones has a set of three backgrounds ,including a lovely winter one, for around 30k; during wintertime its usually 100k+

maquillage has a ton of makeup poses for under 35k

warlock school is one of the 4 harry potter house items, and its sooo low gonk 35k

chocoholic fondue has a lovely dress, pair of shoes, scarf, and handbag for only 34k gonk

sweetest petshop is nearing is sellback price of 30k but its sooo cute... gives you 4 adorable food x animal pets to wear

evening star sister is almost sitting at its sellback of 30k with a lovely dress, sleeves, and veil

buttercream rose has one of my favorite headpieces, dresses (with separate top and skirt poses!), shoes, and just items in general T.T its only 33k now, stayed at 700k~500k for the first while it came out, sigh

sushi error is possibly my favorite 'i am' gonk and i prided myself in buying it way back for 100k+ because that was a steal back then compared to the 100s of k it was worth before that ; ~; now a mere 32k

string ensemble has lots of poses for 30k including a corset, gloves, hat? i think, and more

cup of milk is an adorable item with a bonnet, top, bloomers, and, of course, a cup of milk XD 30k

pepper and mint has poses like a sort of shirt? suspenders, etc, for 30k

traveling veterinae has several poses like a hat, jacket, satchel (i think thats what you call it), and more... only 30k

cinza the sloth was like 400k for the longest time when it came out emotion_donotwant finally snagged one for 100k for those awesome sleeves, then it sunk to 28k crying

beastly professor has a really cute shirt, lots of body hair for you fans of that, and a surprising bangmod and glasses~ 25k

rawrsaurus plush should be really popular w/ rally kids but its super deflated right now @ 20k

swirly naruto is a great FOOD ITEM with a hidden noodle pose thats only 25k; i bought it for 100k XD;

mysterious passsenger luggage with the nice coat, hat, and suitcase, has dropped once again to 20k! snag now!

dango, taiyaki, and strawberry mood bubbles are 20k now if you guys want ; o; i personally am a mood bubble addict but if you arent, thats still pretty cheap emotion_facepalm (i obviously bought them for 100k each fml)

teru teru bozu has adorable teru bozu decorations and hairpins/bao and RAIN for 20k crying lovely item that i got for 100k or so back in the day ~__~

cultured kappa is a nice item for 18k... damn those sleeves are pretty good for some uh -COUGH- jafar cosplay emotion_dealwithit

ok no links because its 6am and im dead

/goes back to sleep
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Today's item grant, the halo and demonic/angel mini wings...get both now from the market if you have to because I'll bet these will shoot up in price through time.

Kind of a backwards from the usual items posted here, but I really think in the future we'll look back and say "they were under 100K on the market that first day? wow!", so I'm saying it now.
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mille-crepe has amazingly adorable hairbow, handbag, skirt, top, and sleeve poses for only 65k??? crying STEAL~

sparkleplum dreams has an absolutely lovely headpiece, blouse, skirt, foot mod, and staff for only 90k crying

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