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Manly Pants

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Rock Hard is an older Collectable item that has one of the few set of drums on the site cheapest is 27k
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Barton Pirate

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Rock Hard is an older Collectable item that has one of the few set of drums on the site cheapest is 27k
Awe man, I quite like that item. The dress is super cute and great for a mod style avi, and I like the wristbands and the skull wings. 3nodding And it's one of the few drum sets we have, for anyone who's a drum player.
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Sparkly Prophet

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Evening Star Sister Such a pretty purple color. And the dress alone is worth it. 35k

Pride of Hera Peacock inspired clothing. 32k

Northern Starlight The glowing stars are cute and the sash is beautiful. 24k

Fedir's AdvanceThat Jacket!!! And the pants are good too. 43k

Wizards Brew A few of a wizard's favorite treats. I'm gonna make butterbeer one day... emotion_drool 31k
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Loyal Spirit

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I do have to mention how Ancient Katana just took off into mid air from 100k to 1mil back then...
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Tipsy Ladykiller

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Lets do some dolls!
From highest to lowest

User Image
SDPlus #284 Dominika:
Amazing hair! Omigosh, its so lovely and versatile. For the amount of black and white avis, I'm really surprised its not more popular. 380k definitely worth the price.

User Image
SDPlus #187 Jenny:
This blush is so freakin' adorable! While it might not be the most natural looking, at least it doesn't look like a sunburn. 140k and I've seen it around 90k

User Image
SDPlus Snow White #132:
Super cute hair clip that goes with Petit Cherie (I think) and is prefect for spring. Currently 95k but it'll go to 125k soon.

User Image
SDPlus The Librarian #257:
Such amazing and gorgeous peach lips. Now, I know those eyes are pretty gaudy but nothing a eye covering won't fix. Or slap on Deus Persona and a eyepatch, you have character and gorgeous lips! Only one right now going for 222k

User Image
SDPlus Sir William #170
I know I said spring is coming, but really. Winter is coming. The crown looks a lot like Robs crown, or at least pretty dang close. 68k.

User Image
SDPlus Sir Ashby Sacheverell II #422
Guys. Guys. Seriously. This cane is beyond gorgeous! The deer head is amazingly done for such a small area, and it glitters. Someone should send me one.. For 35k you should snag one and laugh your way home.

User Image
Obligatory Auspice..
Those eyes are pretty dang awful, but he kinda looks cute sitting on yer head.18k

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Shameless Nerd

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New from Ships Happen (which at 140k isn't that expensive itself):
Right In the Feels-The face mod is pretty cute, and at 42k (likely to go cheaper as more people sell) its one of the cheapest face mods on Gaia
Admirable Antagonist-not really my style, but black and gold tends to be a pretty popular color combo and those boots are pretty cute. Only 90k.
Hotofowl-if you're into birds, this is an item for you. In fact, I'm pretty sure some people will want (and be able to afford) multiples.
Purple prose- This is only 12k but its a great little lavender accessory, I actually wouldn't mind seeing it recolored sometime soon (please give me a silver version, please)
Secret stash-I love the background pose and think it could really be a nice touch for a pink/romantic/cute avi.
Ship's last Stand-I love this item, just because its how i feel about so many ships (Puppy love was almost cannon, goddamnit). That it could be useful for pirate avis is only bonus for me.
Sweetest petshop=More pets! They're all super cute with cake on their heads, includes 2 bunnies, a fox and a red panda.

Note- you may want to hold of buying these for a little bit, as some are likely to deflate as more people open the rig and sell the contents, so give it a week or so.
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Sparkly Fatcat

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New from Ships Happen (which at 140k isn't that expensive itself):
Hotofowl-if you're into birds, this is an item for you. In fact, I'm pretty sure some people will want (and be able to afford) multiples.

Lololol, that's a reference to Hatoful boyfriend xD
Gaia really has it all.
There's so many Internet references, like I think it's a good time to point out gangnam style has been made into an item. Also one of my fav is Master of the interverse (referring to the heeeya what's going on song), which has dropped to sell back price (40k)
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Smitten Kitten

Babushka Dresses

The red is way more expensive and fairly inflated at the moment at 180k but the Green and Blue are 40-55k. Pretty headscarf, shawl, and dress.
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Golden Guildswoman

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  • Pie For All! 300
I was surprised when I went to buy GBlade and Keytarblade and they set me back less than 500k combined. I would've thought they'd both be popular cosplay props
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Enduring Loiterer

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  • Big Tipper 100
Buttercream Rose is currently around 30k. I remember when they came out and they were one of the "must haves" if you wanted to make an overly girly avatar since there was a limited supply of, shall we say, frou frou stuff in the old days. Comes with corset, skirt, corset + skirt dress, flower headpiece, and the cutest pair of brown flats on this site. The cream and blue recolor Vanilla Buttercream Rose is a little more expensive at around 45k. The mint and cream recolor Mint Buttercream Rose is the most expensive at around 70k since it combines two popular colors, particularly the mint which has not yet reached a saturation point in the market.
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Unholy Fairy

User Image I'm surprised no one has mentioned the deflation of one of my favorite items, Night Stalker. (Not that my current avatar is any indication. blaugh ) It's ABP has halved in just over a week.
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Shirtless Cat

okay what, twin asar is only 50k and it has amazing hair (even more amazing when you use agape scissor pose!) and really neat boots!
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Peaceful Muse

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Here's a few things, hopefully not a bunch of stuff you guys are sick of seeing. 4laugh
User ImageVittoria's Intimates. LBP: 80k.
You get 3 types of panties and a pink bag, I remember when this item was much more expensive.

User Image Triple Seven Bandit. 70k
I love this arm mod. It's perfect for robot avis. Plus you get a chestplate and futuristic headpiece.

User Image Assassin's Guise. 54k.
A few weapons, a cloak and a very nice tunic. Plus, with this you can become a floating...blood spot. Or something. Neat!

User Image Bird Bridge. 31k
Dem sleeves!

User Image Bird of Unparadise. 16k
Feathered hat, scarf and anklet, all in a brown/black/orange color scheme.

User Image Princess Kaguya, 54k
Two wigs, a dress, a screen, a lantern and some cute little bunny friends. Very worth it if you like that sort of stuff.

User Image Selkie Legend , 40k
Cream socks, cape and an adorable seal. Didn't this used to be a LOT more expensive?

User Image Centre de la Terre, 32k.
I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but that mushroom background layers beautifully with some other backgrounds and can make for some beautiful fairy-esque avis. :>

User Image The Little Octopus. 10k. 10k?!
Seriously if you're into making strange avis, you cannot beat 10k for a pink tentacle legmod, and tentacle hair.
While you're at it, you might want to check out the other octopus items in this set.
User Image Shy Octopus, 21k. This is the blue version.
And the orange version: User Image Brave Octopus, 25k.
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Obsessive Werewolf

I'd just would like to point out that Wisteria 2nd Gen is going for 250k rn.


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