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Starmony could be a little cheaper, but for 8.5k you can get a pretty cute rainbow wig. (It's a parody on "Robot Unicorn Attack" so there's a little unicorn and a neat background too).
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Bump for the awesome thread
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I think there's just too many items released each month for the users to keep up. I only recognized Nautilus and Gogh reed from your list. gonk
People are easily distracted by the new shinies that...older items are forgotten and hence drop in price.

The latest item I really liked is the zodiacal, but it's not something I'd consider far fetched.^^

I agree, too many items, too little time to get them all. But the truth is that Gaia evolved in many diferent ways, and many of these new items have much more quality in their design that the old ones, and they fit the avatar much better... Some of them are little, but fully detailed, etc.

It's not only the items listed in this topic, I spent almost all the year 2011 outside Gaia and returned in July this year, and lots of the items I've hoarded hoping to inflate deflated... A LOT. I lost lots of gold and made lots of bad decisions... But I learned my lesson, in the early years you could buy almost everything, it was certain it would inflate, because we had few items being released at each time, now you must have an exchanger eye and try to find the ones worth hoarding... Also, it has become a huge gamble to sell expensive items in order to buy new ones that you may like... It hapens all the time, example you sell a evolving for 500k, to buy a new item at the same price from a RIG, 3 months later the item you bought costs 150k (seriously this happens), and the item you have sold worths the same or more, but the reverse situation may also ocur.... Creepy.

Abou the poor english, that's not my language....
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I think the Taiko Drum item is neat. You can have it either placed in front of you or strapped onto your back, for all of 50g.
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Playful Captain's Hat
I'm sure it was mentioned before but I thought I'd mention it again, under 100gold for this super cute hat is a steal!
I soooooo regret buying this for 1400 a few weeks ago

It's now 15,000g. lol.
Ohhhhh how some items prices are crazy X__x
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Guys. Guys. Fire Flower is 15k. This isn't even funny anymore. Freaking buy this thing. scream
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Shadowed Dancing Princesses is 5 pairs of shoes for 90k

Lovely boots that one has. <3 Bought mine at 115k I think. Too bad Blushing is still high. sweatdrop
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Just saying, Pinstripe Saloon Girl Stockings is a really nice pair of stockings for so cheap.
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Autumn Glory I remember getting this around 50-60k. It is now half that. It has an epic scarf, cute umbrella, and lots of fall themed goodies.
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Autumn Glory I remember getting this around 50-60k. It is now half that. It has an epic scarf, cute umbrella, and lots of fall themed goodies.

ooo thats a good one!
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Boogie Woogie Man - 50k
Leg mods, nice top & scarf, hat/mask, hair and coat.

Blue Force A Nature - 65k
Nice "running" leg mod.
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Exocutioner of Spades 40k, anyone that owns a Modus Operandi and has trouble with finding pieces that match the "Pied Piper" poses, this will solve all your problems.

High Tea, 50k, works great with Captain Cobalt, and Runcible Spoon items.

Favored Heiress, 155k, every piece, beautifully crafted. Great women's formal attire on a fair budget.

Warrior of the North, 70k, works great for fantasy goers, vikings, and even some poses work well for you atom/diesel-punk goers out there. Comes with one of our better unsheathed swords too!

Daughter of Snows 3rd gen 66k!, I never thought I'd see such a beautiful item go for this low. Picking one up now, might be your best decision today.

Rascal the Alley Cat, 214k, I'm not big pets, especially the oh so wonderfully overused cats, but this guy caught my attention. He's quite adorable, and won't cost you an arm and a leg to own.
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Daughter of Snows 3rd gen 66k!, I never thought I'd see such a beautiful item go for this low. Picking one up now, might be your best decision today.

This cannot be emphasized enough. I bought two of these babies and they are pretty nice. Just un fortunate enough to be bundled with the Sainte Ciel and Runcible Spoon to make it dirt cheap.
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idiot hair is 30k. it's based on hetalia and is a must have for italy cosplayers! pastaaaaa~

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