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8 Ball Riot
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I love this thread. It's given me so many new accessory ideas~! :'D
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Enchanted Book. You can get it for around 200,000 (even less if you don't care which generation it is), and it comes with props, dresses, cloaks, accessories... I have two of 'em. ^.^
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Rumble on the Rocks is at a pretty sweet deal as well :3
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EIs: the Nightmare. It has just so much epic shitz in it. I adore it for the black rose clips, redxblackxgold dress, orange hood, Invidia top and Zelda cosplay hat. biggrin Also, i won't ever ditch my alruna's rose x2; the nice boots & vest/coat thingy poses!

RIG prizes: Thimble's Tea Party. Nuff said. TOO CUTE~! <3 Also, I ADORE the Toned Keido; TONS nicer and cheaper than its monochrome sibling. biggrin
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I snatched myself a cheap Nautilus. Being inactive I was surprised when I came back and it was only 600k.
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I was saving money for something sweet!! gonk Money.. Gone.. emo (but boy did I get some awesome pieces!)

And to bring something new to you: The Big Top
I love love love this item! And only about 10k in MP! Sure it's only three poses, but.. So pretty!

..and I love this topic, even if it got me a little bankrupt redface
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Have a look at this. Viking Love is a new item from Love Charm II. It can be sold for 50k at the arranger, and yet still some people are selling it on the Marketplace for only 46k these days.

User Image Viking Love
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I just love this thread. I ended up buying quite a few items. (Hello Brimstone Blade!)

I also picked an Arbiter of Pain the other day for all of 150k. Pretty cool and creepy item. Also the armor bits aren't too bulky.
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I am in love with this thread, my wishlist just grew in leaps and bounds....

Open and Recruiting
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Sweet Lunarian is pretty it's 250k though ( I think... )
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Space Pirate; 240k! The metal eye-patch, and leggings are sweet! Perfect for cyber punk themed avatars!

Skintimate Fruit Foam Fascinator; 200g! It's cute, it's beautifully pixelated, and easy to match!

Tomorgenne Maid; 95k! I love the apron, it's so cute!

Fruitkerchief; 100k! The colors are so pretty and bright!

Fruits de Mer; 114k! The shell is my favorite pose. The colors are beautiful!

Egyptian Jewelry Box; 16k! I love the armlets!

Thanks to this thread, I finally have items on my wishlist! <33

edit; Moar

Gift of the Colibri; 350k+! If you can't afford Creeping Vine, then that item is the best replacement!

Bacchus; 48k! I love the magenta color, and the laurels!

Shadowplay; 270k+! The shadowy face makes evil avatars look tougher!

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