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Western Zodiac

I love the idea of it. Horoscopes! Awesome! Two half of the face masks are pretty neat and I also like horn options. Crab sitting on your head is just so cute. Can't believe it sells only 99 000g.

Horns...some of the best horns..

Also Seraphic bow...Feather bow...black feather bow..:O
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You gave quite a bit of people the heads up and some items rose back up again D:
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SDPlus #244 King Kink

Lol. AIed.
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SDPlus #244 King Kink

Lol. AIed.

HOLY s**t I'M RICH 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
All these items still seem really expensive and way out of my reach xD.
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Armageddon Majesty
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A La Fondue - granted this item isn't THAT cheap anymore, but (and I have to disagree with you here Rids, sorry!), it has the BEST and CUTEST bunny ears ever, not to mention hair, eyes, mouth and a half-naked pose! XD What's not to love? This is my favourite item ever <3333

LIES AND FALSEHOODS! scream My ears are too floofy to be supplanted by such whipped creme trickery... talk2hand

Also, I suppose I should contribute...Here is an idea for all you bargain hunters.

Set your max price range (For the purposes of this demonstration, I selected 50k.)

And look up premiumci as your search term. (I know us GCD folks are all fangirly over Rig items.)

Here are just a few of the awesome items going for WAY cheap.
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/Shakes Fist/

Damn you! I've spent so much money now because of this thread, but these items are relatively inexpensive and awesome!

----Back on topic---

Deinocti's Oath

This item is just AMAZING! I love the belt and that blue color is to die for, I haven't made many avis with it but I do have one in my inventory just to play around with when I'm bored.
Best part? You can get a 1st gen. for only 195k :3
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My favorite cheap stuff are Holy Gauntlets and Frostbite Blade.

They're sho cheap ;A;

The Birthstone Sashes as well ouo
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I love cheap-ish items, I hate having a taste for expensive items in the millions EX: Lady/Princess Chimes, Why not just have several nice items instead of a few nice expensive items?

On the other hand I love that this Cutie Clobberer item isn't very expensive. ^ u ^
... Ah so cheap i f*cking love this Dx
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A lot of the items from Bitter Frost, Lost Chapter, and Love Charm II look great, yet are at a low price. I guess Gaia got the message about how RIG odds should be when people got upset about Neon Core...

To name just a few... The Sphinx, Celeano, In The Ruhk, Centre de la Terre, Tanked Tavern, Smok the Baby Dragon and Mana Seed. I LOVE the tree poses in Mana Seed, I bought one just for the night pose. It's also great because you can combine it with other backgrounds. Same with In The Ruhk. Both of the items I just mentioned look GREAT when you put them with the Beach Day water pose, as does the main background in Centre de la Terre. Celeano looks great, it has some gorgeous items and accesories, and I was surprised it was only like, 10k. Same with The Sphinx. Tanked Tavern, well, I really have a thing for background items, so I get happy when there are cheap ones like this. Imma make a little bartender avatar with mine. blaugh A bartender... On a beach! heart Smok the Baby Dragon used to be more expensive, but after they rereleased it, it dropped below 100k. I think it's a great item and I'm glad it's more affordable for more people to have. heart
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I dont really like those items because they arn't sexy, and thats really what Im after.
The gogh reed comes close but they are too elemental to work in everday outfits.

But thats just me, it may vary with others.

But I do love that the "twisted" love is so inexpensive.
its cute, its pretty, its doesn't occupy the whole avatar, and it can be worn with different outfits.
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Bump for this wonderful thread.
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First onmy list would have to also be Gogh Reed. I have four of them and they're so versatile I'm still discovering all the things inside.

Second I'd say the Compass of Seidh. It's so inexpensive for what it is. There is so much in there, so many color choices but also a lot of white and black which are always useful.

Noel's Gift is also very versatile and very cheap. It's got greens, golds, pinks, practically everything for everyone. In general I think EI's are fantastically good deals compared to RIG items gonk

Masquerade was one of those items but skyrocketed for some reason a few months ago...

Flossy Fox and Pride of Hera both impressed me when I bought them, I thought "really? This cheap??" they just seem to have a lot in them for the price... Also the Daruma dolls are a cheaper way to get crazy eyes than a bunch of the other options out there. Rainbow Jubilee is really cheap for what's in it (if you like rainbows... and I do). Enchanted book is cheap for the mix of practical bits of clothing and crazy magic stuff and last one I can think of is Les Freaks. I wear the cincher with everything tho so of course it seems like a great deal to me XD

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