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To Whom It May Concern,

Durem please

SO BEAUTIFUL and it matches Xem's personality and style perfectly.

all the cities are beautiful though ;A;


Lady Xem (-`ω´- )
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Everything is so beautiful, but Aekea and Durem are so weird. They are exactly horizontal while everything else so far as has had a diagonal tilt. It looks like there is no room to walk.
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*makes grabby hands*

I wanna move to Dureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem gonk emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
emotion_kirakira OMG so awesome. I think this account will stick with Barton, now I just have to decide where my mules are going to live.
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I like Barton. I'll probably live there.
Green.. I must live near green.
Evergreen preferred
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Speaking of trash, while I do like the new designs I'm concerned for how this transition from old Towns to new Towns will work. Specifically, I hope there's not too much of a disruption in the availability and frequency of trash. Completely selfish of me, yes, but I would hate to see one of the few easy entry points into Alchemy get stunted.
Judging by the amount of trash in each picture, even though there are garbage cans.
I'd say there is a good amount to pick-up.

Mmn.. How much trash is on the map isn't the key factor though. The original Towns is set up so that there are hundred of neighborhoods, and you can choose which one you're in. So even if there are a lot of people in one map and there's no trash to find, you can choose any of the lesser populated areas to collect to your hearts content.

The new Towns looks awesome, but mechanic wise I'm a bit hesitant about how this will work as well. So far, the computer automatically throws you onto a server with different people. You can't choose to be on a less-populated area, so as is you'll always have to compete with someone else. Plus, so far, the area's seem more like they're all meant to be connected, like VH/Rally. It doesn't seem like there's much room for them to repeat the same map images over and over for hundreds of neighborhoods, so while there's more variety in the maps, the overall word may in fact be smaller, with less zones to explore and collect from overall.
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Aww, Barton looks like it's something from LOTR, hahaha (still wish there was a more foresty looking option) . I still like Aekea, though personally I wish it did look a bit dingier.

I'm quite excited about the new facelift Towns2 is getting, and I'm eager to see more of it.
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Wow , those actually look really good. The Barton one looks really more like a cottage in a forest and I like that.
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As always, Aekea is my favorite. emotion_kirakira
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I like Durem, but the perspective is giving me a headache.
Yeah they all look so great, don't know where I should move crying I guess I should stick with my peeps and live in Durem.
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Durem looks really amazing, but I love the house in Gambino! whee Going to be a hard decision to make.
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They're all so pretty emotion_kirakira

I think I'll stick to living in Barton. Though Durem is tempting, a cottage home is more my thing. I wonder if that girl in Durem will sell stuff to us? Or maybe just talk?
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When the hell did Aekea turn into Chinatown?
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I really still hate them.


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