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My most coveted (and expensive) item is my Rosamund doll. @_@ I don't know what I'd do without these lips. I know there are other red lips that are way cheaper, but I feel like they just don't compare. Before Rosamund's Redemption came out I was desperately looking for an affordable option for long black wavy hair. @_@ I almost dropped millions more for Persephone! That update came out just in time. xD
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There is a cheap knock-off for those shoes. Have you heard of Keiko's Cake? It's red, comes with cream socks and gives your avi a walking stance.

On topic: Well, it depends on the look of the substitute. I tend to save for the original than the knockoff oftentimes.
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

The Sandman Dreams and Lovely Lucie were the few items that I was about to put in my wishlist all because I wanted the Lipstick for the avatar that I'm currently wearing. sweatdrop

But if it wasn't for Polar Tears with a remarkable 500k purchase! I would probably still doing those quests for the blasted lips. @___@

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I would have to say the salon eyes had a few that were great substitutions for a lot of items that had eyes. The Chuu Eyes to me was a great replacement for the Gaia-tan eyes, the Doll Eyes were basically an exact replica of the Reve eyes, and the Inquisitive Eyes were basically the SDPlus #325 Wendy's eyes.

There are other items I could probably name for things but the eyes were the ones that stood out to me the most yum_onigiri
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Sadly, the nearest item I could find is Jawesome, and I'm still too poor to buy that.
And the cheapest substitute for pointy teeth, trap jaw, is well, unusable in most avatars.
But I will someday get sharktooth, or at least jawesome.
The mouth poses available on the Avatar Dress Up page are actually quite useful. I'm surprised that some of them aren't used in substitution for the expensive mouths found in SDPlus Dolls. For example:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
The mouth on the first avatar is from the Dress Up page while the mouth on the other avatar is a very similar expensive version.
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There are some armor and dog/puppy items I can't afford but I'm happy with what I have right now. Although the colors are still hard to match, there are more armor to choose from.
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Lovely Lucie is definitely that item for me. *sighs deeply* Those lips are just so versatile. When I was cosplaying a RP character who had a really pale complexion, I could use Little Lucie with ease. I really loved how you could use combinations of the Dress Up mouth options to change the expression. (There are other lips that are styled like Lucie's in different colors like the purple ones in Modus Operandi and the blue face mod in Polar Tear, but they can't be modified by the Dress Up mouth poses.) However, on my normal avi the white powdery effect of Little Lucie is annoying, which kills the pose for me. sweatdrop So until one magical day that I can afford it, it'll just sit on my wishlist.

There is a cheap knock-off for those shoes. Have you heard of Keiko's Cake? It's red, comes with cream socks and gives your avi a walking stance.

On topic: Well, it depends on the look of the substitute. I tend to save for the original than the knockoff oftentimes.

They aren't what I want. They're nice, but they aren't the same. I don't want little ruffle sock foot mods. I want freakin' simple, nice looking, mary janes. Which do not exist outside of Kanoko. And it makes no sense whatsoever.
And Keiko's Cake ain't that cheap either.
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The only expensive item I truly desire is the Blade of the Night Sky, and the only way i'll get it is by Alchemy it seems,

Only "substitute" is it's recolor, which is only half it's cost, but I don't want red.
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I don't get how people can happily substitute a baseball for the submarine capsule for a pokeball.
It's never looked right to me.
Yeah okay, I had to spend 600k on this lil ball and i've used it like 6 times.. but those.. baseballs do not instill "pokeballs" to me.
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I have a horrific obsession with getting SDPlus Thea The Unicorn Spirit. emotion_facepalm
I've wanted it since it came out.

I bought Onei The Dark Unicorn, which essentially is the same thing, just in a navy-blue color.. But it really didn't make me feel any better. Navy doesn't match as many things as I thought it would.

And then I won Valkyrian Dragoon of Lalune.. which.. made me feel good, of course, and it slightly makes me want Thea less.. But, I still want Thea.

However, I will never.. ever.. Unless I sell everything I own.. be able to buy it.

Or spend an a**-load of money on Gaia Cash and just sell whatever I buy off. emotion_omnomnom
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I stopped coveting a lot of the short wigs after the Ciel scissors came out. Any of my longer hairstyles could be turned into short ones so I didn't have as much of a reason to go after the short ones.

I stopped eyeing the rare RIG cats completely when I was able to get Blue Belle. It's the same style and quality, has the same types of poses, but it was only a fraction of the cost. Rascal the Alley Cat, which came out before, had a similar effect on me though Blue Belle was the final nail. Honestly, the abundance of low cost pet items helped me stop eyeing the rare RIG pets. Sure, I still think they're nice, but I don't care enough to want one that badly.
More longer white hair that isn't HUGE like the Gogh Reed one and the Cherubim... but doesn't cover the face too much either. I like hair such as the Little Sister item's which is very long, but isn't top-heavy and is that smooth.
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[[ I really wanted the Vampire Sound item because of these great floaty legs they give me. For a while, I was improvising with jeans and red sneakers. They were a good place-holder, but they didn't convey that I'm supposed to be perpetually floating.]]

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