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Aaah guys, thoughts on the new "gifts" boxes in the CS?
They contain REALLY rare items for 10 dollars, and not just 1, but bunches! Im gonna post a list, but comment in the meantime!

PROTIP: Buy a bundle and gift it to yourself for a discount coupon
User Image
YES! If you buy one you get EVERYTHING in the bundle! biggrin
User Image
Gifts for a Gambler

Mini-RIG. Win one of the Gifts in the Cash Shop or a "Super Gift".
User Image Super Gift

This item contains:
User Image Rosamund's Passion
User ImageRed Devil Miniwings
User Image Dumpling the Bear
User Image Cerynitian's Blessing
User ImageWhim Sea
User Image DJ Studio Headphones

User Image
Gifts for Her

User Image
Workshop Flora

User Image
Miko Gakko

User Image
Dainty Damsel

User Image
Silver Bells

User Image
Cafe Miam 2nd Gen

User Image
Wintry Kisses

User Image
Gifts for Him

User Image
Shadowlegend 11th Gen

User Image
The Loony Hatter

User Image
Stoic Lost Boy

User Image
Yakisoba Shift

User Image

User Image
Dark Conductor

User Image
Gifts for a Punk

User Image
Rocket Gal

User Image
Paramour's Break 2nd Gen

User Image
Ballad Punk

User Image
Ace Bass

User Image
Keionpanku Style

User Image
Butterfly's Lament

User Image
Gifts for a Princess

User Image
Princess of Cakes

User Image
Princess Chimes

User Image
Lady Unicorn

User Image
Princess Estelle

User Image
Princess Manner

User Image
Sweetheart Admirer

User Image
Gifts for a Warrior

User Image
Valhalla's Abyssal Armor

User Image
Honorable Arc

User Image
Kunoichi Chaos

User Image
Ancient Katana

User Image
Prince of Icy Thieves

User Image
Protostar Guardian

User Image
Gifts of Fantasy

User Image
Meracle Swimmer

User Image
Rufescent Cervidae

User Image
Solar Mage

User Image
Fairy Ellette

User Image
Pixie Queen

User Image
Illyncia's Honor

User Image
Gifts of Temptation

User Image
Playful Succubus

User Image
Alruna's Rose 14th Gen

User Image
Rosamund's Revenge 2nd Gen

User Image
SDPlus #365 Princess Rosamund

User Image
Nice Style For Work

User Image
Hollywood Tease

List by: ll Oreoo ll and Winter Hue
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those bundles are ******** amazing! i could hardly believe what I was seeing
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        Those bundles. Wow. They're not even a ******** RIG. Deflation here we come, and I'm lovin' it.
        Luckily, despite all of the items that got hit, I only own three of them so I get to sit back and enjoy the deals.
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eep I was in the middle of making one but ok!!

* v*
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I don't normally come here, but dang I am just as gobsmacked as everyone else is probably. emotion_0A0
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The only problem I have with it is deciding which one to get.
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Now those are deals!
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okay im really tempted to get the one with the dark conductor but i wanna buy my external hard drive crying
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I knowwww I want the pink and purple
As soon as these gifts leave these items are gonna go right back up
I hope I could get them in time crying
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Yes OMG Thank you Gaia this what I call a a good sale. Omg I can't blieve it. Gifts for him is total love. things that I want can be obtain from it. I'm just so Happy right now heart heart heart
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I'm going to puke
i desperately want gifts for him, her, princess and punk
im so broke ******** my life crying
I will probably buy two of the gambler ones and let it ride.

Workshop Flora has always been on my list, but too expensive. Now it's part of a $10 bundle if I'm reading this right O_O
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Luckily I sold a bunch of the items that I had that were in them within the last few days.

And also, you can gift them to yourself for a 10% off coupon on your next purchase.
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Just saw those too. Are they really bundles, not rig? If so, that's... incredible eek I mean, I've seen a few of those which they sold back in cash shop for higher than 999GC in the past year.
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I'm actually considering dropping my first money on Gaia in YEARS to get these. Holy s**t, I'm totally stunned at how good these bundles are. I was wondering when bundles would show up (we didn't really have bundles like we've had in years past, if I recall) but damn, these totally blow the others out of the water. The items are useful, reasonably priced, and there's a decent mix for everyone.
Augh. Good job, Gaia, fo' reals.

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