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ยป That's a very interesting point...and good story too xDD
Umm...it depends on how much.
For instance, right now I have friends who I know in real life on Gaia too, and it's pretty fun since I get to talk to them way more than I usually would be able to without Gaia.
However, if adults were on whom I knew- I wouldn't like Gaia that much.
It'd be like they were watching over my shoulder or something all the time and seeing if I said all the right things and did all the right things while on Gaia.
Joseph Severn
Apply booted foot directly to mantenna array; repeat as necessary. If bleeding results, you have followed this procedure correctly.

You tiny-texter, you.

That said; interesting perspective; it does point up the fact that Gaia is generally 'safer' if it asdasdasdoesn't intersect with our 'real' lives.
Armina Qi Saxton
I'd abandoned the account I was using for the most part and create a new one that has the profile totally blocked from everyone else. Sorry but my real life does not mingle with my Gaian one only because there are things here that I have no intention of my family or friends knowing; I am more open to complete strangers then I am to the vast majority of my family. Hell, if my mother knew half the things I told people I knew online she'd have a heart attack five times over.

Seriously, this account and all six mules would have stuff sent over to an account used and seven more would be created before stuff would be sent over to them. I'm too protective of my online persona to really have my family and friends be all up in my face about it.

I understand what you mean. There are certainly certain things I do and say that I only do on Gaia, but would never do in real life. The same goes vice versa. I would rather keep both lives apart. 3nodding

@Devils Porcelain Doll: Very lucky indeed. Thanks for the sympathy, although I think I would get in big trouble with my parents if I destroyed a guy's baby-making station.

@ensoul: Haha, there's a school called Sternhardt, that's why I used the name. XP
You provide some very good realism to the scenario there. Still, knowing how much Myspace and Facebook affects my friends, it's kind of scary just thinking about what if Gaia reached that aspect too, and more.

@Joseph Severn: So I guess we're all friends, since we are all of the same type! Hmm, that is interesting. Do you think that most people behind the computer screens are articulate and smart? What a compliment! But it does get me thinking on what type of people use Gaia. I once read an article about how certain social classes use Myspace and Facebook. It would prove to be an interesting experiment if we researched about the type of people behind their avatars and see if there are any correlation.

@Bebbo: Why stop there? People could start revolts and riots at HQ, or schools could host fundraisers to raise money for the Gaian developers so that the BS would be finished sooner. Oh the possibilities!

@`Osiris: Haha, what a nightmare. I wonder if pretty soon, if Gaia ever grows that mainstream, people would start to use Gaian money like real money in their RLs. Paying lunch with gold, bribing teachers with DIs, lol.

@Azurielle: How sneaky! Although, I have to admit, if I too found that someone I spite and loathe had a Gaia account here, I too would try to make their experience really terrible. ^^;

@razei: Oh wow. Is it ever awkward or weird?

@tidesong: Oof! How terrifying!

@Conditioned Stimulus: Same here, all the way.

@chibi-elie: That's really great. Realizing that the gold and pixels don't matter, makes them unable to define who you are as a person. If only more people thought this way.
A bully would have to be on his/her last foot in order to try and steal gold. If it were me I would completely ignore him/her.

But thats me in the "god mod" situation. Sure I would try my best to ignore him/her, I might eventually say yes, but I would throw this at him/her, its sad that they have to stoop so low in order to work for gold.
    Gah, I guess I'm not bully prone, I'd either whoop his a** or...is it reportable (If this was a real situation)?
Eh, kick him in his "groin" and run. I don't thin k he'd really hit you anyways. If so, he's a punk.
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Oh, wow that would suck :< I avoid talking about Gaia in school, because already i've been bugged about friending & gold begging.
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I don't have any friends (or any bullies) at school who play Gaia. They probabaly don't know what Gaia is.

If there was a bully at school forcing me to give them gold I would just avoid him/her and put their account on my ignore list and tell the teacher on them for herasment and for threatening to beat me up.

User Image

I don't think bullies exist anymore, at least not where I live. Most of the fighting/punching the weaker kid for no reason is gang related in my school. But if there were bullies I would just run.

Anyway... the only people that I know who go on gaia are my friends and the people in the anime club. The people in the anime club don't know I'm a gaian, so they don't bother me for gold and stuff(They kinda scare me). My friends who have gaian accounts only bother me for gold when I tell them how much I have during lunch or nutrition. I'm perfectly comfortable letting them barrow one of my items because if they don't give them back when I ask them to, I can pester them in real life until they give it back.

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Well, you can't really beat up people these days... To many Anti-bully programs.

That doesn't stop name calling though... I've been bullied for the past seven years...

But really... Bullying for pixels? That's ridiculous o_o; I don't think people would seriously do that.
Step-by-step guide to handling school bullies:
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I live in Alabama, no one here cares for Gaia.
none of my friends are really interested in gaia or with any other online communities. If everybody I knew was on gaia, I'd find it really weird. Seeing as not many people know me here,I allow myself do say things I would normally never say irl. Like my yaoi fetish. nobody knows about that xp and nobody knows that I'm in a guild for that.

if that were to happen to me, I think I would have to quit going on gaia and find something else better to do.
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I wish I knew RL people on Gaia.

But maybe it's better I don't.
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I think I'd rather be punched in the face than fork over my gold, and I wear braces. mad *cough* Actually if I were punched I could probably sue the offender for real money or something.... sweatdrop

In my town, liking anime automatically means you have a Gaia account.

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