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Back when the Red Rose Corsage came out, male avatars couldn't wear them. So why is your male 10th anniversary mascot wearing one? Bit of revisionist history, eh?
hey sexeh. an ryly? i joined in 2006 so idkabt th corsage
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It's like everyone forgot that BBT was male only. :V
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You're right. How dare they. I demand Gaia to make the diamond corsage female only.

Or short version: Lol wat.
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Gaia-kun is wearing a 2006 collectible in the item, he isn't, like, a time-window into the 2003 Gaia ball.
People get offended at anything omg.
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It's like everyone forgot that BBT was male only. :V
I posted that earlier, this OP forgets gender-restrictive items went both ways oops
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I'm glad more of the items are unisex now. It's so silly to assign genders to clothing.
eh that little bit of red works with that outfit better than it would on gaia-tan's
and it is one of those gaia legend items so it's gotta be there
it really should still be like three pixels of red though
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******** I KNEW IT Gaia tries to act like they're all about equality for both sexes but this just shows that deep down they still hate penises and everything with a p***s.Remember when male avatars weren't even allowed to vote in polls? Ugh what a dark time in Gaia history.
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They probably just forgot.
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You're approaching this the wrong way. Obviously all Gaians have devolved CHANGED into men since 2k3. It's like Jurassic Park. Only — with Gaians isntead of dinos, and males instead of — hermaphrodite kitchen raptors.
Not like it matters, it's so small and so expensive I've only ever seen 3 avatars with them. xd
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Wow u r so brave to make this thread.

You couldn't wear a halo and mini wings at the same time in 2003 either!!! GOD GAIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRINGING BACK ALL THESE PAINFUL MEMORIES I CANT TAKE IT
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Go the ******** away, Tumblr.

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