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Hey everyone!

This is VO, cofounder of Gaia. I just released a new game with Chibi Ninjas for iOS and Android.

You can get it for free at GONINJAGAME.COM

If you like it, please take a moment to rate it in the App Store!

Hope everyone has been well! I miss you guys! biggrin

THANK YOU~~~! ^___________________^

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Woah cool! Hi VO!
But wait... isn't this spam?

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If I had a Tablet or Smartphone, I'd help ya out. I'll spread the word though, looks like a neat little game.
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Thank you. heart
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Technically you are offsite advertising and breaking the rules!
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Long time no see, VO.
Not sure how I feel about a Staff member breaking a few rules. (Not talking about Gaia in the GCD and off-site advertising.)
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Technically you are offsite advertising and breaking the rules!

/spams report button


Hows it going, tell us everything emotion_dowant
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I honestly do not feel comfortable clicking that link. I'm sure if you was a Co Founder of Gaia, you would have gotten that link in the Announcements or some sort of Regular Notification. But because it is not in a regular gaia notification, I shall not accept that link.

Thank you though.
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Holy crap, you're still alive.

And offsite advertizing with a spam thread.

I see the new employee handbooks at the HQ are being read. sweatdrop
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You came back just to use us? crying
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VO you are such a badass <333

*Clicks your link*

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**Slaps VO's hands for breaking rules** emotion_donotwant

I miss you. Don't leave again. gonk
Sorry guys, just trying to get the word out. If I get warned, I will remove the thread of course. smile

But yeah, it really is me. XD
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emotion_kirakira You came back!

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