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Rule of thumb I have is, if I can't find you for a beating, I won't lend it to you. I remember Simeone petitioning this feature. Where you can put a timer on how long you can lend an item and it automatically returns to your account once it expires. Or you can cancel the lending if you really need the item back stat.
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I lend items to my friends.
those are the only people.
One of my friends i let have pretty much free reign of borrowing anything he wants as long as he tells me when he takes it.

If it is a super expensive item i may ask for collateral, but usually i don't.

As for strangers.
If they gave me an item of his or her own for the same price as collateral, i would consider it.
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I would NEVER lend something to a stranger. A real life friend, yes. I have lent my friend (who doesn't play anymore) several hundred thousand gold so he could do marketplace stuff, and he always aid me back. That's been it though.
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I'm a somewhat generous person and I'm not totally attached to all of my pixels, so if someone asked me personally I would entertain the idea. Unless it was a Gaian I thought trustworthy or my sister's account, though, I would probably turn it down. Unless it was a mutual trade and the collateral turned out to be something I wanted to experiment too, perhaps?!

As a feature? No. Not in one million halloweens. Too much margin for error, too much headache and moderation necessary, people are definitely not trustworthy enough, only a small fraction of Gaians would keep a gentleman's promise of return.

Interesting that Day of the Dead is one of your dream items! 3nodding I always thought that the skin would require more work than I was willing to exert, myself.
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I don't even like lending stuff to people irl because more than half aren't trustworthy.

It might be a good idea for users who only want to temporarily use certain items but it might have a negative effect to Gaia's profits.
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I've lent my items out before. They were online friends from the minishop forums. I never really worried about people not giving it back or anything. /totally too gullible and stuff
I have gotten scammed by a 'friend' before though.
took like. 3 ancient katanas. then left his account and moved onto another account. I didn't even realize. :U
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If there is an equal collateral given in return for whatever is being borrowed, I don't seen any problem with it. I've never really lent items before but no one ever asked xp
If I know the person, I wouldn't mind if we are trading stuff of equal worth so they can use something without having to actually buy it.
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I think we're protected by rules if we make an agreement to loan and they don't return the item. I think we can report them for that,right?
I don't know, I don't loan. I have very few friends on here that I'm close enough to for that.
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I would absolutely never lend out my items to any random individual due to my experiences in other online communities, as well as real life.

Most of the time, I never see the item in question returned to me. Especially in real life. You'd think in that case it would be easier to get it back. Unless you had a witness during the exchange, you're pretty much screwed.

On Gaia, I have had things lent to me, and I have also lent things out. But only to people I have grown to trust and vice versa. Sometimes I will even offer to purchase said item from the individual it it's a hard to sell item they do not mind parting with. Full price, of course.
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I only lend out to people I've slept with in real life. That way it's a win-win for me even if I don't get the item back.
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I've had enough difficulty getting lent items back from friends, so I can't see myself lending to random strangers. I don't necessarily mind lending items but it's frustrating when you have to ask for something back three or four times before getting it back. =w=;
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User Image King Blackwater:

I doubt it, it just comes of as a huge risk and could cause a substantial amount of butthurtt if it was abused, the other concern it would cause a rise in begging and harassment. I only think it works currently among user who do trust each other though there only one user I trust with my items and that's my darling Whiskey.
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It's God damned Animal Crossing! If I were to ever lend something to someone, I know I'd have to rely on some random-a** user to go on a quest to get it back for me.

But really, no. I don't lend anything to anyone. IF something is leaving my account, and entering yours, it's permanent.
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I would lend items to 9 people from my friendslist if they asked for it. That or I'd just buy it if I could. I trust them and if they were to keep the item, I guess I'd just deal with that. rofl
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Ah, this topic reminds me of when the site was new and I was closer with some of the fellow users. I actually borrowed bunny slippers from someone for a contest (which I won, because my outfit was adorable!) and gave them back the next day.

I'm not sure I would do that now though. You'd have to really trust someone to lend them something super expensive. I mean, I borrow my husband's devil tail but he knows he can get it back because, well, obvious reasons.

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