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I decided to renovate 3nodding

~ I know there have been a couple of Hermes' Moon threads about, but they were either messy/lacking in grammar/lacking in discussion or all three. So here I am!

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1:You are here
2:Hermes' Moon
6:Poll Results

Indeed! First up, we've got a brand new evolving item for you! Hermes' Moon is a strange celestial object that orbits your avatar. Though it looks like a small moon, I'm detecting that there's life stirring within it. It seems that there's more to this item that meets the eye… much more. This is destined to be one of the most incredible premium items in Gaia's history.
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x x x x

2:Hermes' Moon

One day, the Gaia Staff decided there should be a slightly more expensive "premium" item, and so Hermes' Moon was born.
Costing $5 more than the next most expensive item, the price enraged alot of Gaians who would run around Gaia screeching "MONEY HUNGRY CORPORATE TYPES!", "ITS JUST NOT WORTH TEN DOLLARS" & "YOU'VE CHANGED LANZER, YOUVE CHANGED!" but now I believe some of them are beginning to see that this item might just be worth the price tag.
Hermes' Moon is pixelated by the wonderful, magical Superphi, who replied on page 15!

Evolutionary Path

Release date : 6th December '07
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Evolving date : 19th December '07
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Evolving date : 3rd January '08
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Evolving date : 18th January '08
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Turn your avi around to see the Moon's band aid. Poor moon :[

Evolving date : 31st January '08
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In Japanese tradition, rabbits live on the moon and make Mochi! [No, not the doggy...]
Here, the lil' moon bunny is pounding some Mochi.
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki. While eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and commonly sold and eaten at that time - Wikipedia.
Note - Golden sash possibly Elixir of Life [See theories] - Nothing to confirm this theory and futher..

Evolving date : 12th February '08
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"Here's your Mochii!"
Note - The moon is starting to wane, Japanese legend tells us the rabbit will die when there is no moon.

Evolving Date : 28th February '08
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Evolving Date : 13th March '08
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NUUUU! *sniff* :[

Evolving Date : 27th March
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Moon Lakes

Aestatis - Lake of Summer
Autumni - Lake of Autumn
Bonitatis - Lake of Goodness
Doloris - Lake of Sorrow
Excellentiae - Lake of Excellence
Felicitatis - Lake of Happiness
Gaudii - Lake of Delight
Hiemalis - Lake of Winter
Lenitatis - Lake of Tenderness
Luxuriae - Lake of Luxury
Mortis - Lake of Death
Oblivionis - Lake of Forgetfulness
Odii - Lake of Hate
Perseverantiae - Lake of Perserverance
Solitudinis - Lake of Solitude
Somniorum - Lake of Dreams
Spei - Lake of Hope
Temporis - Lake of Time
Timoris - Lake of Fear
Veris- Lake of Spring

You may of noticed that some of these Latin Moon lake names are also names of the Hermes' Moon stages, is it possible that we'll get 20 stages? Maybe thats why its a "premium" item?

The Rabbit On The Moon

'Tsukiyo no Usagi' or The Rabbit on the Moon has many stories and legends as to how it got there, here are few. Decide for yourself if you think they could be related to our Moon Bunny?

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In Chinese mythology, the Rabbit on the Moon is the companion of the Moon Goddess, Chang'e, and it is constantly pounding the elixir of life for her.

There are other stories surrounding Chang'e and the Elixir of Life which can be found here. They all tend to involve Chang'e losing her immortality, stealing/overdosing on the Elixir of Life and somehow ending up on the moon, with her compaion, the Jade Rabbit.


In Japanese folklore the Rabbit on the Moon is pounding Mochi - Safe to say our Bunny has been making Mochi.


"Impossible! The present world is filled with hatred! Even siblings will go as far as to hate, rob or even kill each other. These humans have no compassion and regret anymore, you are telling me that you ANIMALS have it?" he thought to himself.

As a test of their true faith, Taishakuten transformed himself into a weak, old man, and descended to the sinful world where the three animals lived. He laid Himself down on a path, pretending to be in severe sickness, great pain and nearing death. Soon enough the three animals passed by this seemingly dying old man.

"Salvation.. please, help this old man. I have an unfinished journey in front of me, but I have been overcome by hunger and thirst.. Anyone, anything, please offer this old man his salvation.." He begged to the three animals in a frail voice.

Seeing this as the perfect chance to prove their determination to be good, the monkey ran off into the forest and brought back fruits and vegetables; the fox went to the graveyard and brought back offerings to the dead people have left behind; rice cakes, fish, beverages and such.

Being small and weak, the rabbit had to steer well away from hunters and mischevious children who take pleasure in bullying such timid animals. Thus, he was not able to find anything to save the dying man.

In great shame, he went back to the old man. "I am so sorry but I have yet to find anything; I will now be searching elsewhere. Please make a small fire and wait for my return," he requested.

Standing proudly by the old man, the fox and monkey were getting impatient, "The rabbit brought back nothing and now he tells us to make a fire and wait for him? Useless!" exclaimed the fox and the monkey in disgust.

Moments later the rabbit returned, still with nothing. He stared into the small fire and jumped into its blazing flames, making himself food for the old man......

Taishakuten, being very impressed and touched with such a self-sacrificing act, proclaimed that the rabbit shall be ascended to the moon, so that humans will remember the rabbit, and his selfless act forever.

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus is the syncretism [Which means to merge together or reconcile contradictory beliefs] of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth.
The Elixir of life was drank by him in various myths, where it is described as liquid gold/white drops.
Hermes Trismegistus is also credited as the "Father of Alchemy" and his 42 books are still widely used throughtout the Western World of occultism and magic - I REALLY don't know if this guy was a real person or what...?
Could the golden sash like items be the liquid gold elixir of life?
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1 - Liuumm
2- Mika Reli
3 - J-Hax Makoto
4 - Puniko
5 - DanJF
6 - elum olegna
7 - Lycanism
8 - Altair Alpha
9 - Tya Tya
10 - Magical Girl Yossy
11 - Taiga Okami-San
12 - Pen Arumasi
13 - Me Llamo B
14 - chichimi
15 - Sakimichi
16 - Team Sprocket Boss Tyro
17 - Lenre Li
18 - the flying penguin
19 - r i n g o XIII
20 - Carina Nebula
21 - Bunai
22 - Teh Savior
23 - Tute Sweet
24 - NinjaFodder
25 - Silkeh
26 - kixies
27 - Elen Ithil
28 - WaterFlowerCrystal
29 - Fezziwig
30 - preciousber
31 - Malomy
32 - chibi sailor iris
33 - FF8 Abby
34 - FlygonTamer
35 - Karill

If you so wish it, you may add this banner to your signature.

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Made by Puniko.

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By tinaateyourface

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By Onlera

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By SushioMei

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By Strawberryneko_chan

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By Coralle
6:Poll Results

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Week one

Do you own a Hermes' Moon?
Yes 59.7% [ 151 ]
No 7.9% [ 20 ]
No but I want one 32.4% [ 82 ]

Total Votes: 253

Week Two

Is the Hermes' Moon worth the $10 price tag?
Yes 57.1% [ 124 ]
No 42.9% [ 93 ]

Total Votes: 217

Week Three

Would you like a Hermes' Moon stage where the avatar becomes the Bunny? [Like Grunny..]
Yes 76.1% [ 70 ]
No 23.9% [ 22 ]

Total Votes: 92

Week Four

Is the Bunny dead or asleep?
Ish sleeping. AWWWRRR. 64.9% [ 61 ]
Its dead. DEAD! Mrahahaha! 35.1% [ 33 ]

Total Votes: 94

Week Five

Leafy ears?
YAY! biggrin 78.7% [ 133 ]
NAY! >:[ 21.3% [ 36 ]

Total Votes: 169

5 poll votes and no reply?

I love my Hermes Moon. The latest evolution is adorable, especially now that we can hold the little guy. I am curious as to what the final evolution will be. Hopefully not something scary like with what happened with Fausto's Bottle.
You can list me as a fan as well.
I'm debating with myself whether to just use gaia cash to get the Hermes' Moon or save up the gold for it!
Mika Relie
I love my Hermes Moon. The latest evolution is adorable, especially now that we can hold the little guy. I am curious as to what the final evolution will be. Hopefully not something scary like with what happened with Fausto's Bottle.
You can list me as a fan as well.

It is sooo cute!
I kinda hope the bunny will stay the same size etc, and I definately hope it doesnt turn crappy towards the end like the damn Fausto...
Lady Infatuation
I'm debating with myself whether to just use gaia cash to get the Hermes' Moon or save up the gold for it!

I wish it was clear whether or not when all the gen's were done evolving if there will be a difference between them.
If not, its probably worth getting a later gen..
Is the font hard to read??
I love the Hermes Moon, since the bunny appeared its been one of my favorite evolving items. <3

I do hope the theories are right and there's going to be twenty poses.

(the font is a little difficult to read)
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Generous Elder

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  • Destroyer of Cuteness 150
Get it perhaps a bit darker and it should be fine. Also hello Liuumm.

This may be the item that's had the most gold in it- more gold than the golden laurels, more gold than the angelic halo, more gold than all the jewelry you can wear at one time... it's one contender might by the mythic hair. So it's definitely part of the premium legacy as it were- and I'm loving every minute of it.

I think you might want to include the other new poses if you can. Oh and no different generations mean that after 1st gen is done, they continue according to the same schedule- so every other week past the finish will evolve the next generation down.
Tektek doesnt have them, and Ive not the time to do it now, nor change the font.

Nice to see you Mr.ManateeMan! You sure love the golddd (Y).

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