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lolz zombie
Omg... no... not the orphans... NOT THE ORPHANS. I need brain bleach to wash away the horror that was that event. neutral
That was cute in a disturbed way. I'm glad the orphans got cleaned up and now run the Tree House Shop.
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I wasn't really around much in '07, so unfortunately I never got to experience this. Kinda wish I did, then maybe I wouldn't have paid 50k or whatever it was for a go phone a couple of weeks ago.
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

Sadly, I don't remember anything of 2007-2008 since that was the time I left the internet hiatus. u_u

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I still have my GO items, but god damn I remember wasting so much time to get those, I was going to use mules to get copies but after I finished 1 set I was just like " no way "

07 was a pretty good year tho. It was also the year this Vampire Hunter hat was released and from that Halloween event until the present my avatar has been a vampire hunter.
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I remember all of it... I joined in 2007 ^^
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WOW I guess I wasn't around much for 2007? I don't really remember any of that like at all. So I guess that's when fishing was broken and didn't get fixed till 2008? This whole time I been giving the wrong dates LOL.

Old Gaian problems
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I vaguely remember the virtual lounge, though to be honest, 2007-2008 was a huge blur for me as I was busy going to college and I had illness that later led to surgery. So everything kind of blends together, ughh.

I do somewhat remember looking at the VL, seeing I had to sign up for Bebo, and going "... Seriously?"

Never did get those items. Ah well.
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I can barely remember it. I was a confused newbie.
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I still have all the items. I love them, especially the GO Phone. It's incredibly neat considering we don't have that many mobile phones on Gaia.
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I still visit Damp Dan often!
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I think still have my go items from Verizon..
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Wow! I totally forgot all of that. 2007 was such an eventful year for me Gaia-wise. So many hours spent on all of those things...

That summer event was one of my most favorites. Actually the virtual lounge widget is the reason why I joined facebook in the first place sweatdrop
Actually the virtual lounge widget is the reason why I joined facebook in the first place sweatdrop

I was just about to say the same thing emotion_awesome

I collected as many of GO items as I could, not for profit, I just loved them back then. However they no longer have a place in my inventory,except for the GO Player, such a little cute thing! I always liked that little face ;u;
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I remember it well, since I actually bothered to try to get the items for a cosplay mule, and never got the grant. *rage of five years past*
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I have not forgotten it, still have all the items, but when a feature dies, it's really rare for me to give a second thought to it. I mean, when's the last time any of us thought of Personals, hilariously terrible public domain public service videos in Cinemas? How about Hangouts, that one didn't last for very long.

Most of the time, I don't think of it at all, until something triggers a reminder or someone else brings it up, after which it's like "Oh yeaaaah."

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