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Same here, lol.

Since its an open beta, everyone can play or?
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Oh dang. I thought it was that the RIG came out on a weird day too. And the new pet was a . . . portal.
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I thought it was a RIG background too! I hope we get a RIG with a background like that... darker RIGs are kind of my thing.

I'm interested... but Gaia and their propensity for dropping projects if they don't get heaps of support turns me off. It's an ourobouros eating itself, I know... but yeah. Can't get invested in something that might vanish in a couple of years.
Ah, Kurloz. Are you trying to lure in Meulin with tht ball of yarn? Okay, okay. I'll shut up now...anyway, I agree. I love dark sort of RIGs.

Well, the level of detail and effort appears to be quite prominent so far. It's the matter of maintenance further down the road that may be a problem to worry about. I agree on that.
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I thought they were getting ready for the Halloween event. Nope.
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gaia_nitemareleft Vampires vs. Dark Elves

I feel stupid because I thought it was Halloween related. I mean, I'm kinda wayyyy off. (It's not even this years theme!) RIG is acceptable but the Halloween event? Sigh.

But oo, it looks so sleek and shiny and NEW. I have a feeling that I won't like it though because it's too serious

Heads will roll... gaia_nitemareright
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OMG same thing! I thought it was the new RIG xD Gaia troll!

Anyway, so what's the new item? I want to see if it's worth playing for. Haha
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I thought it was gonna be part of the event, what with all the summoning from don kuro.

Looks nice, at least i'll give it a try.

Ugh, me too! emotion_facepalm
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Well I knew it wasn't a rig because that portal isn't a kitten.
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Same here, lol.

Since its an open beta, everyone can play or?
Everyone on Gaia can play it, yeah.
i just went through the entire tutorial, i have to say that it doesn't look and feel anything like gaia, not even close. D:

i know they put a lot of effort and time into this but i'm mostly "blah" about heralds of chaos, nothing's made me go "HOLY s**t!!1!" so far.
i honestly hope my opinion of it will change ._.
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A portal...
Will there be cake?
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Quite the pleasant surprise: I thought the Halloween Event had come earlier than anticipated...

I can already guess who goes to which faction...
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Not my kind of game but I like the theme and it does look nice
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I looks really good BUT
We don't get any thing from it,,no loot, no drops,, no item, no kill badges nothing
We don't use are avis and to me that really sucks
I am not all that thrilled over it
Edit ,,, after reading the announcement maybe we do get something,,but still Idk ,,doesn't seem like my kind of game
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I just see this working about as well as the Mogas. Might be popular for a few months, then ZWIP! Gone.

My thoughts exactly.

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