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i have dreams about gaia most nights. i've had a lot of dreams about getting hacked or banned. emo
My latest one involved someone gifting me Mini Angel Wings.

loooooooooooooool like hell that would happen outside of my dreams
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I've had sooo many, the one's I remember tho are really lame.

The first one I had the night after I signed up, apparently in my dream, you had to ride a waterslide with Moira to get to Gaia...

The next one was when zOMG! came out, I had a dream that I got early access, but the whole game was purple!

Then I had one where I almost bought an angelic scarf for 2k, but my friend bought it first, and wore it to school just so I would feel sad D:

Then I had a dream that I was a Gimpi... and it was really weird flying with my head, and every one else was Angel Imps, they all hated me! very sad dream ._.
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My most memorable one so far is about specific someone on my friends list hacking me, then I begged to give my stuff back. That dream finally forced me to change my 1.5 year old password. ><
I've had lots of them, Mostly about getting banned (which happens to me a lot).
It sucks logging on to gaia and not know if your account will still be there or not.
besides hacking delusions

I'm sure I've said I have though
so maybe
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I had a dream about becoming my avatar and the boy Ren from Celebrity Date wanted to be my boyfriend but Ian the NPC got jealous and they fought over me. XD; I woke up sad because I was totally going to go into ZOMG mode. lD
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I once had a dream the giant Prunny plushies were trying to kill me
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I oddly had a dream in which I was able to travel out to conventions like DJ and such.
Alas that will never come true.
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I did once. It was amazing.
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I don't have dreams about gaia.

I have boring day-to-day dreams, like buying milk or balancing my checkbook. neutral
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I had a dream of me wearing my dream hair on gaia (which would complete my dream avi) the Monochrome Keido . Would love if i got it too lol heart
Dreams about being hacked? That has to be upsetting.

Dreams about doing hack reports can be just as upsetting, I assure you. xD I occasionally have dreams about cases that have no end. burning_eyes

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