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yes it has. it made me more advanced in texting language lol.
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Before Gaia, I was a rednecky right-winger who did not like the gays, because Jesus. I joined the site as a joke. Had the camouflaged shirts, NRA membership, and aaaaaall that stereotypical s**t.

Today, I'm a fairly moderate liberal furry who has come to terms with his sexual orientation. So yeah, Gaia had one hell of a transformative effect on me.
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Having spent a little more than 1/3 of my life here, it's probably the reason I'm as socially awkward as I am emotion_awesome
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I met my boyfriend of one year on gaia, and I don't know where I would be without him. So yes, Gaia has influinced my life :3
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I literally just joined but I'm enjoying this so far. I think it will have an influence soon but nothing as of now.
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since i started being on here daily in 2004, gaia has been consuming more and more of my time and energy and now, 9 years later, i feel like gaia is my life.

true story, not joking^

maybe someday i'll consider whether my time in the 'real world' is influencing my gaia-life.
maybe i should move to california and just live at gaia HQ and never leave.
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I dress better in Real Life. No lie. I actually take the time to put together an outfit complete with jewelry and matching shoes.
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Honestly I waste a bit of my time now on gaia but before I spoke to dozens of people. I met my 3 favorite people in the world because of this site heart
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My time on gaia has helped me in my ability to articulate my thoughts and express my opinions in a public setting.

I lurked like a crazy on here for a very long time, but slowly I have felt more free to say what I think about any topic. As someone who is very quiet IRL and tends to feel awkward a lot, it has really helped me feel that my opinion does matter, and that no one will hate me for speaking up about what I think (or even if they do hate me, it doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things).
It has possibly made me more sociable offline in general and able to open my mouth and just speak without over-analyzing, and that really means a lot to me.
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I can't really think of any way that Gaia has actually influenced my life. sweatdrop
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Aside from consuming hours upon hours of my time and making me a less productive member of society, Gaia has influenced me to be much more embracing of my nerdy passions like art and anime than I would be otherwise. I think I'm happier for it and I'm glad I learned to be comfortable with indulging my geekiness now and then.
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I discovered that one of my roommates is on Gaia because I randomly was freaking out about zomg lagging and she heard it. XD Came barreling into my room and we've been chit chatting about Gaia on occasion since then. It's gotten me to be a bit more open about talking about gaia. A lot of my guy friends are gamers and this is my version of it. /lame
That's what she said.
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The people I've met on Gaia have influenced my life.

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