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I found a large number of friends who for some reason thought I was cool enough to be around.
Well, at the time when my friends still used the site, Gaia really got to bond.
Aside from that, it really helped me become more sociable.
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I guess my time as a mod may've forced me to do social things I'd be terrified of otherwise. Other than that, I think I was going to change regardless. Am I different at 31 than I was at 21? Of course. surprised I guess there's the accidentally-found-a-partner thing which seems pretty common in this thread haha. And I've found some awesome friends that I cherish, of course. heart
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l can honestly say that I moved from NJ to CA because of the people I met on this site. They at least made it happen sooner and far easier. My whole current life owes a lot to Gaia as a social hub. One random person I got to know and all this happens.
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Most of the avatars my RL friends and I made have been turned into OCs. We even written collab stories based on them. I even used some of them for actual projects. Gaia helped me broaden my imagination and rediscover a childhood passion of mine. It really means a lot to an animation major like myself. I guess I also gained a little more confidence in myself. 3nodding
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It's taken away loads of my extraneous cash. confused

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I haven't logged onto Gaia in a very long time, but I recently moved country and got very nostalgic- I made some great friends through Gaia who I skyped and emailed with for a very very long time and made being an awkward teenager a lot easier. I've lost contact with most of them now, which is a real shame.

This is the only thing online where I actually made real friends..! It's the only forum/website that I ever really liked and stuck with, so it felt appropriate to come back and reactivate my account, especially as I am now in a place where I have zero friends..!
Wow, what an impact! I bet the developers of Gaia would be happy to know that you've felt guided through such a major life decision because of them. :3

As for me, I feel Gaia has definitely impacted my life offline. One person said that their art was heavily influenced/improved through doing art commissions here, and I feel the same way. (Though I haven't actually drawn in a long time, and sometimes I think about getting back into it if I can find the free time to). Many of the artists I still follow we're introduced to me on here, too.

I've also met many great people here that influenced my sense of humor, my style, and - to a point - my self-confidence.
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Gaia's forums help me get updated on the latest stuff related to my hobbies.

I sometimes use the names of Gaia items to help me remember stuff I read about (items related to history and mythology for example).

Maybe those aren't life-changing but Gaia's helped me a lot to enjoy more the things that I like.
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Wizard Random Sempai
I found a large number of friends who for some reason thought I was cool enough to be around.

I had that happen too.

o no I don't know why!
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I think Gaia has influenced me quite a bit over the last soon-to-be 9 years.
From fashion/color coordination to artistic creativity to the unbelievable amount of generosity of people.
Thanks to this site, I can see things that I would have never seen before and the vast need to give to people is so strong, I feel really awkward and undeserving when ever I get/receive something.

I love this site, the community, the amazing group of Gaian friends that I have made and the great experiences that I have gained.
I wouldn't want to trade it for anything in the world.

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...As it is." ☀♥✖✔☯
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not much impact really, lmao more like it hasn't done much for me XD anyways I guess I made friends, lovers, and enemies but I haven't posted much even though i've been here like forever's
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More or less.
Over the past decade I've done everything here, and absolutely nothing.
Joined events, drawn avatars, been invited and kicked out of guilds, killed boredom, been active and inactive for prolonged periods, gotten in touch with people, lost touch with people... It's a cyclic process.
The way I see it, Gaia's served as this small scope of creativity during my teenage years, that I've learned to expand beyond on. But it's always nice to come back and see that it still today serves the same purpose for many people, younger or older.
Well I met a lot of life long friends here and I was lucky enough to work at Gaia HQ for a good year. It was one of the best years of my life heart It got me closer to Gaia than ever and truly understand the hard work that goes into every part of this place.

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