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A friend back in 2005 showed me this site. I thought it was cool people could trade items and such. Even though I don't talk to them anymore, I still have some of the first friends I made on my friend list. Being on this site for almost 8 years now has been the best/worst experience for me. But without it, I doubt I wouldn't have done some of the things I did if I wasn't so mad. XD

The profiles and headers just bring back a lot of memories. I hope the next 10 years go by as bumpy and controversial as the first 10 did.

Happy Birthday, Gaia. c:
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I found the site via a banner on a pixel artist's website, I joined back in 2004 and im still a fairly active Grombie.

I love this site, I hope it stays successful for another 10 years!
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I totally just came in here cuz, y'know, OMG CHAX!

Prooving that one cannot escape the 'OMG prommie!' feeling of thy youth.
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My friend recommended me to join this site when I was 13 years old back in 2005. I cannot believe this one site impacted my youth years. If I never joined, I would never improve my skills in drawing. Heck, I wouldn't had the motivations to even start. I would have never gain interest in web design without Gaia as well nor learn the codes I had from profiles when I needed most in class. I have met many people, some have come and go, but there are others who continue to be in my life to this day. Share and made stories with those friends and made wonderful memories that I will never forget. Even had relationships on this site (though they did not last). I miss most of my friends who have left Gaia but there are a few who still contact me in other ways. Now I'm entering my 20's and I haven't left Gaia since. Still, there is a part of me that misses the old Gaia and seeing that header brought back so many memories. Made my week. I don't want that header to ever go away. (might save it)

Hell I even remember how popular you where back in the day, Chax. Still are! And your amazing art skills. Even your profile was great. Never thought you would come back (I'm just a lurker)

i practically gave birth to gaia, including all the admins.
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Wow all the gaywads came out to play <333

Didn't think you were still on since before I left LC.

I've been on Gaia 7 years, but I, too, owe a lot of my drawing talent to it and the inspiration to practice. The site was the foundation where I built relationships that have taken me to an art degree and then 3000 miles from the place I had lived all my life.

I post now and then outside of guilds where my friends are....it's funny how so few will understand how scrutinized a thread with many of these posters would have been 5-6 years ago.
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Happy Birthday Gaia!
I may not have been here as long as many of you have, but this site has certainly had a big impact on my life over the past four years~
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I haven't been on Gaia very long, but I like that the background on the pages all match my profile for once.
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Yay, happy 10th Gaia! I hope you're around for 10 more years. biggrin
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Happy bday, GO
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Man, I've only logged in the past couple of days to try and finish some stuff, and Chaxy is back? Sheeeetz.

Gaia rocks. When I joined, I didn't think it would have such an impact on me as it did. I mean, I thought it was a boring site where you dressed up dolls. And then I met such awesome/loving people, and it really helped me when I was in college struggling because nobody was up where I was (pulling all-nighters in Engineering), but there would always be someone on gaia who wouldn't mind talking to me. Even the "older" people on the site, who sometimes get ignored, have helped me understand if I want a family, or broaden my horizons on some subjects that aren't considered as "important" in the US. It's just really great, and I'm hoping gaia will stick around for another 10+ years!

Also, my typing skills have improved exponentially. rofl
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I never.. EVER... want to have to say goodbye to Gaia. :3 Happy 10th birthday you wonderful site you!
It's always been a good place for me to relax and just unwind, whether I'm playing Booty Grab, zOMG, or hanging in Hollywood. I never want to leave! lol
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I've only been here since late 06.
But this place has impacted my life hugely.
The people i know, who care about me and that i care about.. really changed my life.
I was going down that whole self destructive path, ruining my own life, putting my health at even more risk than it already was/is and some really great people helped me put my feet back on the ground and cherish life and not aim to destroy myself because i was scared.

I know that's pretty emotional.
But they pretty much saved me from myself and continue to this day.
I'm glad Neopets chain froze all my accounts and i had to come here <3
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It's a huge feat!

I've been here for exactly half of Gaia's life (I joined yesterday five years ago) And screw me sideways if it doesn't feel like so much happened before I joined! I can't imagine doubling that.

I didn't think I'd be able to nostalge, being relatively nooby, but I am. It's all misty watercoloured memories lighting the cockles of my heart and what not <3

Edit: Man, all these older avis are giving me serious nostalgia. I remember some of them.
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I bought the Ducky Hat off the market yesterday. I had absolutely no desire to buy it before, but now..

Oh no, what is happening, friends?
happy birthday gaia heart

i'm so grateful that i was able to make such amazing friends here.
friends that i talk to on a daily basis and that have made a difference in my life. <3

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