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Which Halloween Event Was Your Favorite?

Halloween 2k3 - Trick or Treat 0.064510427712973 6.5% [ 365 ]
Halloween 2k4 - Labtech X and Zombies 0.082007776599505 8.2% [ 464 ]
Halloween 2k5 - Grunnies 0.10675150229763 10.7% [ 604 ]
Halloween 2k6 - Invasion of the Zurg 0.054259455638035 5.4% [ 307 ]
Halloween 2k7 - Von Helsons 0.086249558147755 8.6% [ 488 ]
Halloween 2k8 - Human v Dark Elf v Vampire v Zombie 0.17815482502651 17.8% [ 1008 ]
Halloween 2k9 - S.I.N v B.O.O. 0.16631318487098 16.6% [ 941 ]
Halloween 2k10 - Grave Danger 0.12354188759279 12.4% [ 699 ]
Halloween 2k11 - Masquerade/Moonrise 0.10374690703429 10.4% [ 587 ]
Halloween 2k12 - The Don 0.034464475079533 3.4% [ 195 ]
Total Votes:[ 5658 ]
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oKlaziki's avatar

Shy Vampire

I came on 2013 so i didn't know there was a halloween event...
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Tipsy Reveler

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I think...Labtech X and Zombies. My first Halloween on Gaia. :3

I loved the event and I loved the items. The labcoats were awesome. :3
frozen_flames06's avatar

Magic Detective

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Out of all the Halloween events...I liked Grave Danger for the uniqueness of it. 4laugh
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Dangerous Stalker

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I remember how pissed everyone was during 2005's event. A lot of people didn't reach their goal in time. I was trying to go all the way, but in the end I'm glad I only made it to this level. Hair is nice... As furious as we all were then, I look back on it with notalgia. I worked hard to get this skin and I'm proud of it. ^_^

And then there was Trick-or-Treating in Towns. The first year we could do that, it seemed like everyone wanted to group up and do it together. I mean, certainly, there were tons of people just running around solo and getting the candy, but it was just as much fun to play along, comment on peopel's costumes, etc. Every year since I've always taken a screencap of my avi in a costume standing in front of my little house - one on Halloween and one on Christmas. It's silly, but it's a tradition. heart
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Dapper Fatcat

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Winter Hue
I was really fond of the SIN vs BOO and Grave Danger events.
SIN vs BOO for the community feels and Grave Danger for the items.

I must say those, no matter what kind of event we have, my only
true desire is that no Soulbound items exist. None whatsoever.

Totally agree with this ^
Grave Danger and the Zombie even was the best. Can't wait for the next one, I hope it involves a game like Grave Danger did, where we had to fight the bosses to win items.
Jackie Night's avatar

Unsealed Pants

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I don't even remember the events.. generally they aren't even worth it ~ ~
the only event that i considered good in all those years i've been on now was the easter zomg event that gave strawberry/chocolate sundae as reward.

i'd like to see something new, not just a repeat of old events and more importantly, better items that are worth wasting the time to get them
Jessee Horan's avatar

Dedicated Lover

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]I really liked SIN vs BOO. I think it was the first event I participated in on Gaia, and I just absolutely loved it. I remember playing for hours and hours because it was so fun emotion_awesome .
Sexy_Angel_Kisses_7's avatar

Beloved Bloodsucker

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my favs were the Van Helsons and Moonrise
behavioraI's avatar


Oh gosh, making me bring back memories.
I loved the 2k3 event, Trick or Treat. It might have been because all of it was new but my friends and I would make bets one who would do the best. I always lost.
KissyRee's avatar

Witty Fairy

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I loved the Grave Danger Event...The event flash game reminded me of old-school arcade fighters, it was easy enough to pick up, it was fun, kind of addictive, and it got more challenging as you went on.
The Masquerade event was also fun, but battling the werewolves wasn't as fun as exploring the ball was.
zweet_dreamz's avatar

Kawaii Phantom

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When I joined Gaia, I came sailing midst Halloween 2K6, so I couldn't enjoy it like the rest who has done so.
But, I did enjoy Halloween 2K7, so I will have to with that.
The plot was great, even with Video-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
The only thing I would love for this Halloween, is that they could add real avi's as background characters (NOT main characters!) in the story, just like they did in the stories before 2006.
It made the stories really wonderful.
Or have the main characters of the story interact with the crowd in the forums, like in Grave Danger.
Lulu-Vamp's avatar

Dapper Codger

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  • Survivor 150
I've been around Gaia for most Halloween events and overall I prefer the older events to these newer ones.

There just seemed to be a lot more elements to the older events that made them a more engaging experience. They had more interesting plot lines and the original NPCs were much more present and interesting. The last two Halloweens have been fairly disappointing.

My experience has been that I don't enjoy an event that relies on only just a forum-based game. Lag is an issue in forums just as much as in the flash games. I really loved the zOMG! Halloween events - trick or treating, ghost hunting, hunting down werewolves and vampires. Those were fantastic, even with the lag. It really was fun to know I could head to the forums for the event, trick or treat in the shops AND have fun with fellow Gaians in zOMG!

I really miss the zOMG aspects of the game. I also miss the old plots and stories with our beloved NPCs. Oh Gambino Mansion!

I am glad to hear that Gaia is working hard on this year's event. Halloween events have been one of the best and most memorable parts of Gaia and the recent year's events have seemed so much more 'last-minute', almost like an after thought with very little attention to connecting the event with the community. It seems almost forced. I can understand and respect the amount of time and resources it takes to make an event, but to be honest for the last two years I have been left wondering when the Gaia staff will have the time and support to have a 'real' Halloween event, as they did in year's past.

Wow, now I really have a desire to go play the jigsaw puzzles with the zOMG ghosts.
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Shameless Exhibitionist

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  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
This poll will be a bit biased though won't it? Since a lot of people didn't get to experience the first events so they would never even have a chance to consider voting for them even though they might have loved them if they had participated...
-l- lovelysmile -l-'s avatar

Shy Vampire

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i love this time of the year... mainly because my birthday is the 30th.. but mew. ^^ i love the stuff i get from the October events. its always the best. C:
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Lazuli Orchid's Husband

High-functioning Demigod

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I liked the '07 even since it was my first.

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