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Which Halloween Event Was Your Favorite?

Halloween 2k3 - Trick or Treat 0.064510427712973 6.5% [ 365 ]
Halloween 2k4 - Labtech X and Zombies 0.082007776599505 8.2% [ 464 ]
Halloween 2k5 - Grunnies 0.10675150229763 10.7% [ 604 ]
Halloween 2k6 - Invasion of the Zurg 0.054259455638035 5.4% [ 307 ]
Halloween 2k7 - Von Helsons 0.086249558147755 8.6% [ 488 ]
Halloween 2k8 - Human v Dark Elf v Vampire v Zombie 0.17815482502651 17.8% [ 1008 ]
Halloween 2k9 - S.I.N v B.O.O. 0.16631318487098 16.6% [ 941 ]
Halloween 2k10 - Grave Danger 0.12354188759279 12.4% [ 699 ]
Halloween 2k11 - Masquerade/Moonrise 0.10374690703429 10.4% [ 587 ]
Halloween 2k12 - The Don 0.034464475079533 3.4% [ 195 ]
Total Votes:[ 5658 ]
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Petit Poupee's avatar

High-functioning Lunatic

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I sadly never got to experience the first three D:
But I think the one I enjoyed the most was the human vs vampire vs zombies vs dark elf
lots of sides to choose between, something for every taste I might add :3
laughed at you when he's avatar

Invisible Prophet

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  • The Perfect Setup 150
Enjoyed Zurg and the Don. Was disappointed when the dark elves won, and want the vampires to get revenge. And, Edmund is a wonderful character whom I hope plays a role.
2k4 zombies
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Shirtless Girl

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Grave Danger was my favorite. The story + the ghosts interacting with users in the forums whee
NothingGold's avatar

Benevolent Feeder

I didn't really enjoy the events where there was a clear winner and loser and items to reflect that.

I had a good time with the grave danger, even though it wasn't very exciting.
The human vs event was pretty good too if I remember correctly. That was quite a while ago. *fav*
Sin and Boo would have been okay if it wasn't so competitive and time consuming. Wasn't very halloweeny in my opinion either.

Shop Trick or Treating has always been a nice part of the Halloween season.
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Yeata Zi
I loved the Zurg event with all my heart and soul.

It had everything. A plot driven by users, NPC interaction, puzzles to solve and interesting 3 dimensional characters. It was also delightfully sci-fi. I remember how disappointed I was over the 2007 event because it did not live up to my expectations from the year before. I expected that sweet sweet NPC interaction.

Now, the only thing I want is sweet, sweet NPC interaction.

I understand now that there is no way Gaia could do a plot like this again, but I always hope they could. I miss chatting with my NPCs.

I haven't hated any of the Halloween events. I've hated summer events, and Xmas events but not Halloween.

I think the one I dislike most is the Demonbusters event... but that's more because the end was a cop out, and it put those crummy gods into the picture so the rest of Gaia story lines could be shitty for the rest of forever. It wasn't the event itself, it was the aftermath.

I've also incredibly disliked events that require you to use a flash space. This is more becase I love forum-based versus events. I like to hit buttons and chat with people. The moment you put it in flash space, it sucks because the forum aspect of the event is dead. Unless it's both. Both is ok. Not optimal, but ok.

I hate flash based events /shudders/ Forums all the way!`
Kara Hikarai's avatar

Loyal Ally

Sadly I didn't get here till after the 2k7 event, but in all honesty, if I could, I'd vote for the Jack zOMG! event in a heartbeat. v.v I loved how the community came together with that event. It's been too long since I've felt that bond with fellow gaians, which has almost put me in a hiatus state since there's nothing else to do when my few friends aren't online. If that could somehow be brought back/finished, since they seemed to start a story with that, I would be so happeh. ; A;[/color[
RafiCat's avatar

Mega Hoarder

I joined in 2010, so I would love to see the zurg event!

And like many, I wish you would do something in zomg for halloween - I enjoyed ghost hunting!
Annelliese's avatar

Fashionable Citizen

I absolutely love the Jack hunting in zOMG every year, especially when some devs join in too. It's that warm feeling and enjoyment of having all the crews work together against one common enemy that makes Halloween the only gaian event that I actually take part in every year.
A shame we won't have it anymore.

Anyway, out of the ones that you listed, i enjoyed the Sin v Boo Halloween the most.
II CuriousAngel II's avatar

Dangerous Shapeshifter

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Well the Grunny Halloween was my first Halloween on this site so it will always be my favorite, but my all time favorite was the Zurg one! It was amazing. emotion_drool
Ranchi's avatar

Lady Hellraiser

A brief explanation of them all with some old screenshots wouldn't hurt. I'm old and don't remember them all, even though I attended most of them sweatdrop

I do remember the vs. battles though, I liked them. Just don't make the main event be in towns...
Counting Dracula's avatar

Shirtless Vampire

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Something just popped into my mind.


Grunny-Infected Zurg Invasion.
Cecilia Davidson's avatar

Sukuya's Wife

Questionable Firestarter

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The most fun I had as a user in my nearly 10 years has to be the Zurg event, primarily because of the MAJOR amount of community participation in solving the puzzles!
L i l  C h e r y I's avatar

Divine Nymph

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User Image
ηyα~ Shε is tαℓkiηg tσ yσu!

Grave Digger because battling ghosts in actual combat was the most fun! B.o.o VS S.i.n was fun was well but Grave Digger would have to be top favorite!

Okαy, ησw yσu cαη tαℓk.
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Invisible Wolf

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2k5 I really enjoyed trying to get the different levels of infection. I don't really remember entirely how the mechanics of it went now, because it has been so long, but I remember comparing all the events after it to it and liking 2k5 better because of how it was "played".

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